Battle 28 (analog)

Yeah, just wondered why you haven’t sneaked in earlier with your modular. @slomen ; )

Oh man I found my monotron, I forgot how nasty the filter is… :smiley:

especially when the batteries are almost dead \m/

Wow, a bit of a coincidence (my first post here, by the way)… but I’ve recently made a song with all the criteria.The samples came of a JX-3P I’ve sampled to death because I sold it. For the drums I’ve used the TR 707 and Linn9X packs from DJTW. And Daniel the OSX voice computer is the “singer”. Maybe it doesn’t count because I didn’t made it especially for the battle, but I hope you still enjoy! All OP-1 produced, and made an illustration to go with it ->

loving the tracks so far! ok so here’s my first battle entry(and first post on the new site)

it’s a atmospheric drone kinda thing…my analog of choice was a Moog sub phatty, my drums(actually just one drum) was flat top, and synth engine was CLUSTER. the voice was sampled from the radio, and of course i used CWO and DELAY

Just post the url like this @overseas_territory
@beefinator I like that too, you get modular/ randomsequencer-like-sounds then : )

probably this one (I will remove that after you changed your post):

thanks @mixrasta

I thought it was more complicated than that for some reason

I hope I have time for this one. As usual, all of the entries thus far are varied, and interesting. So much talent here. And it’s nice to be back; I thought the forum disappeared forever.

Did it take you that long to find out about the new forum, but anyways, welcome back! @canto

I was out of touch for a little while, and found out the old forum changed. It was pretty easy to find, and I was happy that it didn’t disappear. I really enjoy the collaborative and helpful people here. @mixrasta

hello :slight_smile:

after a long time without posting an entry, here we go!

microbrute + FM synth engine + 808 and radio samples + CWO, Spring and Delay

@yoof, really nice work on the drums there… ! :slight_smile:

Hee guys, nice entries!

here’s my share. Used Microbrute for Bass&Lead + Monotribe for the drum part + Pitsburgh Analog delay. In the OP-1 I used the cluster engine (of course ;))
Sampled Dutch Radio 100NL for the weather forecast. :slight_smile:
I softsynced the monotribe to the OP-1 and love the inaccuracies.

Overdubbed quite a lot, (which I never do) bounced to album couple of times (which I never do) and dropped lemonade over my MacBook Pro (which I never do)
This battle really got me out of my regular workflow!

Here's my entry:

All sounds from the Shruthi, used some delay and some phone and spring on the master.

Had a few false starts and was worrying I won't have anything by today, but last night I found a groove I was happy with! By accident, really. Was sequencing some sampled drums with the sketch, and forgot that sketch in drum mode sends MIDI out as well. The triggered midi played by Shruthi together with the drums made a nice groove which was the basis of my track. I just love the OP-1. =)

Hi guys. I don’t think I’ve participated in a battle since the old forum died but I thought I’d jump back in for this one.

Most sounds came from my small Eurorack setup. Specifically a Synth Tech Morphing Terrarium, Snazzy FX Dronebank, Maths, Borg Filter, and a couple various LFOs and envelope generators. I sampled a couple short loops from it and then got all crazy with them in the OP-1, chopping, applying FX and so on. I added a few flourishes with the OP-1 “digital” synth engine, some drums from the OP-1 CX FIVE preset, and some chopped up radio news broadcast vocals.

Hope you like it. You might need to turn your volume up a bit, I apparently didn’t get my levels quite right on the recording.

Okay, here we go! This is my first ever Battle entry. The Volca Keys was sampled into the OP-1, and a simple sequence was done with the Endless sequencer; I’m amazed at how much it sounds like a bass guitar. Next, I sampled in the super-awesome Boss DR-110 for the analog drums. The synth engine used was String. The radio provided the “What is truth?” line, from an ancient religious speech, methinks. Obviously if there is an issue with copyright (doubtful) I’ll pull it off and upload the non-sample version. I was thinking of the soundtracks of John Carpenter and a little Twin Peaks at the same time when I did this. I have to say, doing this was exhausting, since I only knew about it days ago, but it was totally fun to deal with restricted rules. EDIT, Dec. 8: Since the Battle was still open, I re-posted to fix some rather dull audio.

I hope it’s cool to upload in the late morning.

analog drums via Goldbaby drum kits.

analog sounds via Stylophone 2.

radio: voices listening, having a great time, and seeing you. bass > drums.

no internal synths. all OP.

Wow @kln! Great drum programming, loads of variation and so much detail all round!

Technically, I’m pretty sure I’m late, so feel free to disqualify my track.

Sampled the TR-808 and Juno Alpha 2. Played Microbrute live (preset pad sound).

No problem, battle is still open for entries until tmrw night @Blipsford_Baubie and @Tribrix

thanks @yoof

i employed some of your panning techniques, and i think it really helped provide a rich sound throughout the track. so thanks for that!