Battle 28 (analog)

So…after Yoof posted his brilliant masterpiece we can continue producing tracks for the next battle!

My idea also is a more non-restricted rule, and considering that most people here have other equipment, even analog, I want to present an analogue OP-1 battle!
I recently bought a Dominion 1 from mfb and like to use that together with the OP-1.


- Sample or record your analog sounds of your synth to tape or the synth/ drum sampler and then sequence them with any OPsequencer.
- Add any drums from the factory presets or use your analog drumsounds.
- Add only ONE synth engine of the OP-1
- All effects are allowed
- Maybe use radio to sample voices to make it more interesting
- All production inside the OP-1 bounce to album

I’m aware of the fact that people have different amounts of gear and different quality, so if anyone does not have an Analog, you can use your virtual, or, what would be better, people share some of their patches and recordings here. Or try out NewOrbison’s patches or whatever you find on the internets. Please let us know what you used for your production!

Entries until 7th of december

now start to digitalize the analogues!

Looking forward to it! Are we allowed to use MIDI LFO mode?

Of course, i forgot to mention that you can even sequence your analog with the OP-1 and then record back to tape or sampler. So that means OP lab and Kenton, Iconnectmidi etc is allowed as long as you sequence it with the OP-1.

How about re-sampling, is that allowed?

Looking forward to this! A nit-picking question: How is analog defined here? Any device with some (e.g. filter) or all analog components? Just thinking whether my Shruthi will qualify… (digital oscillator but analog filter)

Nice rules :slight_smile: Perhaps time for a cuckoo comeback! :slight_smile:

Looking forward to joining in too. I got my Analog Four and XoXBoX at the ready last night, but couldn’t find my A4’s power supply… yikes!

microbrute ready :slight_smile:

i dont have any analog drum machine is it ok to use samples? maybe limited to analog stuff from ?

christ I’m having too much battery-fueld fun with my volca bass and OP-1, I’m never gonna actually get anything done… XD

christ I'm having too much battery-fueld fun with my volca bass and OP-1, I'm never gonna actually get anything done... XD
@beefinator :D I love this !

I like these rules. I’d like to get back in the battles - I think they should run longer (at least a calendar month).

When you don’t have any other analog synth you can use the shruthi or just a monotron. @vehka

I mean you can build an analog drumset with your analog synth and by the help of the sampler and effects. Or just use the factory presets, that aren’t analog. @brunogula Anyway it’s allowed to use analog samples of the internet but only when you have no other option.

at first i wasn’t keen - a big part of the attraction of the op-1 for me is that it’s unashamedly digital - but i had fun with this anyway - all sounds are sampled / recorded from a monotron and monotron delay - confessions: i didn’t use drums sequencer or any of the internal synth engines

That’s really cool and weird spacey. @plasticdub I can hear the planes flying by. So far I also only recorded my monotron : )

thanks @mixrasta - the monotrons are such great products - form factor usability sound and price - imho synths should encourage experimentation and korg has made it so much easier and less intimidating for anyone to get into making interesting sounds

@plasticdub really loving the sounds you are getting from the monos in that song.
Right, I need to get my ass into gear and put some time aside for taking part in this battle - it’s been a while!

thanks @spacetravelmadeeasy looking forward to hearing more from you

Lovely sounds @plasticdub! Sounds really otherworldly. Very dramatic!

Here’s my track:

I recorded some x0xb0x (and learned about chain mode at the same time, woot woot) to mimic the main rhythm of the drums. My drums were done with hits from lots of different stock drumkits. My chosen synth was Cluster. Cluster rules!!

I’ve been listening a lot to the album So Far by Alex Reece (Kevin Saunderson). The drums in that album are so well done, but don’t feel overly complicated at all. So I tried to reign back the drum programming a little in favour of a more repetitive groove, that hopefully has enough change to keep things interesting.

Holy moly, I have to join this one!