Battle 28 analogue voting

Kind of late…but some words from me:

@plasticdub Really great what you get out the monos, I remember making a recording with one monotron only as well…and the plane sound is incredible!

@yoof !Second 6.00 min song from you! All around great production with a lot of details but very straight composition like a dnb song has to be! Big Up!

@moedars Nice you found an already made track for this battle, totally okay, only the OS 9 voice was not correct but we just pretend it’s from the radio ; ) Cool 80’s italo style. Well done.

@overseas_territory This is Chill! Calming down and experimental too. Nice tape warble and very athmo very organic analog sounding. Great!

@brunogola Sorry I spelled your name wrong in the poll thing… The radio voices with the delay gives your track the feeling of documentary. Chilly vibes layed to the down. See you in Berlin!

@marjin Sci to the Fi immediately recognized the monotribe drums. I like the dubby feeling together with the fantastic bassline!

@vehka veerryy eary here Ǡ~ the picture matches the atmosphere perfectly. Also like your personal drumset. Great dramatic line on the whole track!

@burnthair This song feels like a boat trip on a foggy lake. You can feel the hidden danger underwater also on the land behind the trees ; ) Great feel uhuhui!

@canto Cold beat, I love it! Very HipHopish a bit of shadow, q-bert and herbaliser!

@Dj_Kln Well done, nice oldschoolish dubstep, drums are tight. Good play on the little elements krush! Always surprising!

@Tribrix Break the house! You have a good feeling for the 808 drums on this! Fat for the 80’s, really enjoying this track Trib!

@Blipsford_Baubie Hush!! Odd Jazz Party but very relaxing. The phaser (or just filter) and reverb on the drums are crazy cool

Thanks for so many highstandard tracks from all of you! I gave @adsono my vote this time…

And the winners just sneaked in, voila @moedars!! Congratulations!

Btw! Here’s what I did:

Woot woot, congrats @moedars!

@mixrasta - sweet track. reminds me of mid-90’s Snooze and/or Les Rythmes Digitales. nice swing, and always appreciate how you bend your sounds.

@moedars - congrats, nice work! can’t wait to see what rules you have for us for the next one.

Yes the blendings are the best parts of the song ; ). Thanks, I should have taken more time for this…just wanted to finish anything!

Wow, I didn’t expected this… but cheers, votersss!

Excuse my n00biness but if I’m correct, I make Dogma rules and post them on the middle of januari?
I will try to get some smooth rules :slight_smile:

Congrats Dude. Bravissimo @moedars
No. We need rules in a few days traditionally. But if people would like to participate in the X-mas compilation, your delayed approach may be welcome, but definitely don’t wait till January. But wait until others here give their two cents before you decide.

Es sooper kewwl…:wink: makes me want to fly to Paris and “flirt with the stars”.
Also, regarding your commentary on mines…FINALLY! Different interpretations is the beauty of art (if i may be so bold to say that’s what we do here at op1), but this is a first for me anyway, where somebody described exactly my thoughts when creating something! Feels greater than even if i had received your vote. Thank you! I love jazz, and i love weird juxtaposed type feelings. I’ve been trying a long time to convey this feeling, without sampling jazz records. Listening recommendations are welcome. Like anything post Weather Report until now.

BTW, sucks that CWO on master leaves that nasty 15k - ish type noise.


Ahh ok, I will do it right after Christmas when compilations are done and family dinners are served, if the rest is ok with that?

I have some rules on stand-by so if you want me to shoot before Christmas no problem also.
(I’m now working out the rules in detail)


i’m ready for new rules now.

haven’t started on an Xmas song entry, and with that thread’s submissions due by 12/22, in only one week, i doubt i’ll jump on that.

dropping new rules in the next few days, would be super in my opinion, since i will be starting my winter break at quitting time this Friday 12/19, and would love to spend some time between family, overeating and being merry, twiddling away on my next submission…

…and my device is primed for the next battle!

perhaps you can just provide a little more time to finish the track, so folks get a fair amount of time to catch up, of they happen to be working the Xmas angle?

Congrats @moedars! That was an awesome track. I’m also looking forward to rules as soon as you have them available. Some down time at work around the holidays so I’m hoping to use them to noodle around on a new battle!


i am a huge fan of this dude. a stand-up bass beast: Charnett Moffett

if you were looking for some dope sample material from him, this one is pretty epic…

also been diggin this cat: Kris Bowers

lots of cool arrangements and some pretty rocking stuff.

sorry folks late to the party but wanted to post some comments anyway - what an amazing selection of very creative tracks @yoof liked the way you made a repeated theme using cwo nice use of the stereo field too - @moedars very 80s very poppy very catchy - @overseas territory light and dark spooky moody disorientating loved every second - @brunogola enjoyed how your track evolved and your use of fx - @marijn great melding of old and new with the theramin - @vehka liked how you used the filter resonance and the bell-like melody - @burnthair very creative and topical - @adsono enjoyed your track nice counterpoint - @dj_KLN drums check bass check did i miss anything didn’t think so great track - @tribrix definitely getting an 80s flashback but with a very modern twist - @gaubie great melding of old school sounds with modern glitchy sounds and beats - @mixrasta fun playful funky and quirky thanks for a great battle great how everyone blended analog and digital in diverse and creative ways - would have voted for overseas territory

Congrats @moedars! Great battle @mixrasta, and thanks everybody for the comments on my entry!

+1 on what @kln said, instead of having the battles on pause, perhaps it would be better to simply have a longer period for finishing the tracks? Especially if you already have some rules thought out @moedars?

Yes, I also like the idea of posting the new battle rules as soon as they are ready to be unleashed :slight_smile: The battles really give me something to focus on… I feel a bit lost without a battle! (…sorry, I should get out more)

I will post the new one today… but I’m bit doubtful about the deadline. Do you guys think 31 december is ok to finish off 2014? or maybe a week more?

Maybe at least until Sunday 4th January? What do others think?

Check it out, Battle 29 :slight_smile:

Yes @vehka the 4th of Jan made sense!