Battle 28 analogue voting

Hi there!

We have a good number of entries this time, that makes me happy and they are all of high qhalitz to listen to, thanks!
I’m still working on mine but I think it’s time to hook up the voting thread. So everybody from the forum is invited to vote for one song, even if you didn’t participate.
Voting ends on Saturday!

Thanks to you @Yoof for the playlist., I just copy it in here:

Nice ones here guys (and gals?). A quick one liner review for each is below. Really enjoyed checking out all your tracks.

Plasticdub: Nice atmospherics. Digging the soundscape and the experimental vibes. Nice ominous bass. Like I'm standing in a desert about to be abducted by aliens.

Yoof: Wow! Such a complete track. Awesome variation and your drum programming is spectacular as always. I'd love a tutorial on how you set your levels when recording and how you get such a clean sound.

Moedars: Such a fun track! Great composition. Nice to hear something synth-poppy like this in a battle. Love the vocal samples. So appropriate for the music. If this was your first post I can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeve. Good stuff!

Overseas Territory: So chill. The barely there vocals draw you in. Whatever is doing the pads in the background is great. Almost like singing.

Brunogula: Yesss. This is right in my wheelhouse. Love the dark, distorted atmospherics and building main synth line. Nicely subtle drum work. There's even these bits of that remind me of some early 90s west coast rap stuff. Real into this one.

Marjin: There's something about this one I love. The pounding 4/4 beat getting strangled by all sorts of other wild shit. Its garbly, distorted, and great. Tons of what sounds like live tweaked variations. Just sounds thick and sludgy and wet. Right on!

Vehka: I always like your stuff, man. Nice and dark and creeping with good messed up beats. Like a bad day at the fun house. Real niiiiiice and menacing while being totally listenable.

Adonso: So clean and organized. Good work letting the track breath. I could take a lesson from you there. You have all the elements in their place. That's a hell of a sample you managed to find there. Nice!

DJ KLN: Badass beat! Heavy and aggressive. Real nice drum programming. Great movement in the track. Awesome use of the stereo spectrum. Nice and varied and that beat just pounds!

Tribix: Awesome track as always. Lively sort of 80s vibe and then when you bring in the new beat around 1:30...stellar. Like a tribe from outer space made the track.

Gaubie: This makes me think of a spring day for some reason. It's nice and mellow for a bit with chill pads and then you get a nice sort of glitchy beat in there and what almost sounds like a Rhodes Piano.

Sooo...on this one my vote goes to DJ KLN for some masterful drum programming and a beat that hits HARD.

Listened to all the tracks in my car on my way home, and also voted DJ KLN. Drum programming was great, more my style.

Great job to everyone. Hopefully I can jump in the next one.

Fuck man. Is it me, or do all of the entries sound like they could be on an album? Despite the broad rules of this battle,I am surprised at how cohesive this all sounds. It’s like we were all on the same page.

So War of The Worlds, I love it.
Really really good spatial trickery @240ish. I love the CWO + panning combo. At first I was like how did he CWO the whole mix except for the drums?
Funny stuff! Also, I too enjoy the synth pop.
@Overseas territory
Very ambient and trance inducing. I love it.
I like the psych elements. Killer sounding synth intro too. Is that a microbrute in the intro? My past few trips to Guitar Center I’ve been playing with the floor model. I love the step sequencer and the envelopes how they interact and the sound is edgy, yet warm. I was surprised at how I was geling with it my last trip. That normally doesn’t happen with me without reading a manual first. It makes me want it, bad!
I dig the marching band and the fun house!
This definitely conveys the feeling of repetitive and dangerous labor of the industrial revolution. It’s sad and makes me wonder if the little girl in the photo ever made it to adulthood without loosing any limbs. Your song tells a good story.
Simple but effectively puts me in a place.
I like the western feel to it, as in Tex-Mex western. Nice,
As for the groove, this track has attitude. Swag indeed. You also have a great ability of sounding busy on your stuff. Also I know you sampled radio, but the intro sounds straight out of Super Jail, lol. I love it.
I’ve said this many battles ago, but you sir have truly captured the spirit of some good 80s soundtracks. Makes me think of a cross between Escape From New York and Miami Vice. Well done.

I’ve been listening for two days and still can’t decide. So I’ll be back to vote anymonously in a day or two.

Really really good spatial trickery @240ish. I love the CWO + panning combo. At first I was like how did he CWO the whole mix except for the drums?”

I begin to doubt myself the more i listen. Initially i thought the synths were first recorded with cwo, and afterwards you do panning. But now i’m wondering if there is no cwo but you are perhaps creating the phase with two copies of the synths and the differing inverting track levels? I remember hearing such an effect when i was messing with the L/R levels on master and plus i remember you posting about this technique in another song. Sorry to bug, i just love that part so much. It’s such a subtle yet strong break in the song. Also i’m bumping the thread since it’s normally stickied.

Hehe, Blipsford_Baubie, thanks so much for the props. That whole section was born of an accident from overshooting a stab on the left channel, but not the right. It stuck out like a sore thumb every time I listened to it, but thought, that will be useful later. Basically, I just dropped the stab into a drum sampler, plugged in an endless sequence and played it over my left and right channels with CWO and some LFO over green :slight_smile:

Another great battle. Really cool idea @mixrasta with the rules. Even though "analog" sound-wise can mean almost anything, there was a clear unified vibe going through this battle, at least that's what I thought!

Anyway, to the comments:

@plasticdub – Really liked the sounds. "The cicadas" + "airplane" + "horror movie" sounds created a unique mood!

@yoof – This is like old LTJ Bukem stuff updated and brought to this century. Excellent in all counts – drums, the hypnotic bass synth, pads.

@moedars – What a lovely pop song! You really got it right with the structure, sounds, nice hooks, lovely melodies, everything. Ready for the radio!

@Overseas_Territory – Great feel to the song. I kinda understand you wanted not to compress the sound that much, but I'm also wondering would it sound even better if you'd crank the drive up a notch. It's genuinely creepy!

@brunogola – So, you're both sad and happy to move to Berlin? In any case, this promises great things for your artistic output during your stay. =) Lovely!

@marijn – Nice glitchy, harsh sounds. I liked the slow build-up. Kinda wished it had gone on longer!

@burnthair – The sounds really create a definite mood or texture. I felt that you had a very specific musical idea you wanted to communicate, and you did it quite successfully.

@Canto aka adsono – Nice old school vibe this song has! Lovely sounds, great use of the vocal sample.

@kln – Great stereo work & drum programming. Love the trippy melodies & harmonies. Very impressive!

@Tribrix – I really dig the pairing of minor/major melodic stuff (I think?), there's both a retro optimism and a melancholic nostalgy present in the song. Great sounds and a really original composition. Well done!

@Blibsford_Baubie aka Gaubie – Love the warm, distorted sounds and the overall feeling of the song. The song had a really nice mood, which I can't quite place, but it takes me somewhere deep in my thoughts... Strange and beautiful.

So, I'm not naming any favorites since that would cover almost all of the entries. This is probably the hardest time ever to pick a winner, I liked so many of the songs... but I think my vote goes to moedars!

Well done everybody! =) Oh, and don't forget to vote, today's the last day I think!

@plasticdub love the "Battlestar Galactica" engine & drone sounds!

@yoof – fun to see you used the exact full 6:00min. the drums and synth are well put together.

@moedars – Haha :) revival rocks and you nailed it! complete song and indeed ready for production. There is a generation who never heard of this style.. I should give it a try if I where you.

@Overseas_Territory – scary stuff man! atmospheric and deep... this can be part of a psycho psyfi. I agree to put in a bit of drive.

@brunogola – complex, unconstrained and chill... bizarre combinations which work out great :) Good work!

@vekha - Really dig your groove! timing is laid back and pushy in one. I'll try the same in a future track. Nice cuts back to the roots and the basics.. Tight track!

@burnthair – Very subtile.. Your track was the only track for which I put on a headphones. There is a lot in, Even a voice around 0:52 something about 'windows'? Cool!

@Canto Triphop revival! the vocal sit well in the mix. Triphop is not my personal fav, but I can imagine myself freestyle skiing listening to this track.. good one!

@kln – wow! lots of detail in your track man! like the movement. I even spot some Trap style in there! cool.. I can imagine your put in a lot of work in time :)

@Tribrix – really has a signature of time. reminds me in a way of my Amiga 500. Nice bass! Is it my audio set or is the bass a bit to loud in the mix?

@Blibsford_Baubie the scratchy electronic piano gives a good vibe. especially the 'arithmic' off timed beats and the piano filtering are very cool and well programmed. I missed the vocals in the track and around 2:03 a (for me) unexpected bass is introduced.

Thank you all for the heads up and the new ideas you brought me! Looking forward to the 29th battle!

Gonna get my vote in now and will comment later (as soon as this wicked cold goes away and I can hear again with my right ear!)

@vehka @marijn thanks! I don’t think I’ve ever really used drive, I may well start trying it now.

@marijn Now tthat’s the kind of honest input I really appreciate, thanks. Just to clarify, “unexpected” bass as in good or bad?

fun battle! enjoyed all the submissions. @mixrasta – nice rules and who doesn’t love that analog warmth! came through in every entry in flying color. thanks for hosting another great. looking forward to hearing what you have brewing as well.

i have learned so much about the device we come here to discuss and celebrate, and couldn’t be more grateful for the feedback and commentary that results in entering a track into battle so thanks to all who commented about, gave props, or votes on my entry. i appreciate the support!

the tips and tricks provided by so many of the characters on Operator-One have made my little device work for me in ways that i never could’ve imagined. and i have only scratched the surface, in my estimation. i am already winning by learning more and more every time i work at one of these battles.

that said, i do think that there are many tracks in this set that are well deserving of the title. and wish the best to all of you! sorry for repeating myself, if some of these comments are duplicated on Soundcloud.

i voted for – yoof – for what it’s worth, a day or two ago.

hope to go up against all of you again in the next battle!

@plasticdub – straight out of a epic war film score. explosive, engaging and epic. or the feeling one gets after a bit of laughing gas at the dentists’. either way, great entry.

@yoof – spectacular! dust brothers do D&B, but in the modern age. drum programming on point, even though you claim repetitive, it doesn’t come across that way what-so-ever.

@moedars – reminds me of LCD Soundsystem Tribulations. kind of a throwback to the 80’s, but on trend with a lot of songs in the Indie Dance scene.

@Overseas_Territory – cinematic. has a bit of the Twin Peaks feel to me. i can almost hear the reverse-recorded dialog being dubbed over. the wavering tones give it a spooky feel reminiscent of the TV Series.

@brunogola – like the slow build intro…and then a nice beat drops. nice subtle changes to the melody throughout. solid.

@marijn – cool tones and sounds, possibly from overdubbing methods used. feels nicely layered. drums are used in an interesting way…like the delay effects. and the scratchy sounding bits.

@vehka – the name is appropriate for sure. the haunting sounds behind the frantic sounding beats. hair raising insanity from about 1:30 gave me a smile.

@burnthair – i have a track that starts out like this deep in my old record collection. if only i had time to dig it up so i could remember the name of it…anyways it has some really hard drums that drop in it eventually. although this piece stands on it’s own as a certain kind of ambient sound, i could see using in a DJ set as some background layering, and being able to drop in some big beats behind it…in the same way that record did.

@Canto – cool flavors to this Trip-Hop joint. really nice work, and i’m sure you’ll be one to watch out for throughout future battles. impressive.

@Tribrix – 808 rules, and you know how to take advantage of the classic sounds for certain. the synth patch reminds me of so many of those classic 80’s tunes too. overall a great assembly of drums, groove and fun.

@Blibsford_Baubie – i like the mood in this one. has the funky horn-like stab, and the nice e-piano riffs. i like the changes and drum work. feels a tiny bit melancholy, maybe the tempo and the piano riff combo…but in a hopeful way, not depressing. hope that makes sense.

curious about @Blibsford_Baubie comment …do you think the track sounds overly busy? i have had a sense in the past, when i am producing a track that i might be overdoing some layering or effects on sounds or have two frequent of transitions…all in attempts to avoid sounding a bit boring, maybe over embellish. although with this piece, i didn’t have that feeling.

it’s a tight race, by the way…hope many more folks vote, since there are several well deserving tracks! can’t wait to see where it lands…!

Having gotten acquainted with your tracks since i began voting again for the past three battles, I was applying the word busy to your style in general. And by busy I mean turntablism chops busy. Obviously no scratching references, but your style makes me think of the old masters who were constantly changing records. It’s definitely a good tribute and skill i have been struggling to aqcuire for myself. So I definetly didn’t mean Aphex Twin IDM busy or the mix being too busy with FX. You do a great job with seperation too (clarity). I hope that answers your question :slight_smile: ( i like aphex twin sometimes too)


it’s been a while since i was actively DJing, but i did at one time, and only a few years back, possess skills flipping tracks and doing quick mixes with a couple decks and a box of vinyl. and i got very familiar with my decks, mixer, crates & the best parts of all my tracks through several years of very consistent gigs up until a few years ago. i wouldn’t say i was a master when comparing chops to some more famous turntablist DJs, but i could hold my own in smaller nightclubs and bars with other DJs that i felt were quite talented. in fact i wouldn’t say i could scratch that well at all…just to drop a beat nicely in a mix, or add some background…but i excelled at flipping some beats into my program and keeping a crowd hyped for hours at a time crossing and mashing up genres all the while. i kinda miss those days…and wish i had more recordings of my sets.

it did take years to get to where i could say this confidently, and really felt it when i did. might take me years to get it back, especially as i have interest in DJing in digital formats…it’s getting quite exciting lately seeing the kind of rigs folks have and the output…but i’ve always said DJing is like riding a bike. once you learn it, it’s something you don’t forget. but if you don’t do it regularly, it takes some time and effort to get to the top of the hill again. and maybe when and if i do, i will bring my trusty little OP-1 along with me. ha!

anyways, that must be where i picked up what you are noticing. and it makes total sense. and thanks for the commentary!

Cheers for the feedback OP brothers!. All the songs where nice to listen and really really diverse in style, which is cool. Because of short time (I really type slow :slight_smile: I wanted to give a quick shout out to:

@yoof : hearing a 303 (I think?) coming in the mix was a nice one!.. and it was a pleasant 6 minutes.
@Blibsford_Baubie : Really enjoyed the ambience of the song, I’m not really good in pointing out why… but it did :slight_smile:

@moedars - thanks for the shout out. Yes, you heard the right sound, but it’s s x0xb0x rather than an original 303. The originals are too expensive for me! Actually, doing that battle has piqued my interest in that acid sound again :slight_smile:

Btw, I loved your entry. Super-authentic italo disco! The bassline and the melodies fit the genre so well! Really nicely done!

@Blipsford_Baubie - it is hard to say good or bad. What I can say is that I left this bass part out :smiley: