Battle 30 Voting

So happy with the turnout for this battle especially with the PO’s launch and all the other NAMM '15 news
Its going to be a tough choice I think!
voting open for a week(Feb. 11)

Wow Kites -that was really good. You’ve made it extra really hard to decide now.First listen that track went down real smooth. I went back again after realising it was yours and there is a level of artistry that has a very gentle touch. Nice vocal’s and acoustic inst (am guessing shaker was live too)and excellent arrangement/jam. You also really stuck to the brief as Delay plays an important part of the sound. I gotta say I was really surprised ,coz I know how hard it is to get a song in within a month against all this stiff comp.
It was a toss up between Kin & Yoof but now I’m not so sure.Must listen back - (You two guys were on form,BTW,both with excellent panning skills and pure dance-ability).
Special mention to Made_Up_Monster for most individual track -really well mixed on this small box. I’m wondering how you got so much depth into your sound, did you resample layers?

Epic Battle.

Aye, it really is an epic battle! Been listening to the playlist today. Such high quality from everyone! I honestly felt a bit embarrased about mine after hearing the others. Good skills everyone!

This was a really tough choice. I want you guys to know that I needed to use a spreadsheet to figure out where to place my vote. Good work everybody.

@spheric_el than thanks! I appreciate your little critique. I was incredibly sick with the flu so my voice was struggling and congested haha. I suppose I should include my moniker in my username.

I’m leaning towards aeoner myself, but tbd.

Are we as participants allowed to vote?

It’s customary that all forum members are entitled to vote :slight_smile:

Sorry @wingo and @cerfs-volants for the spelling mistakes, it doesn’t let you change it once the poll begins.

Amazing battle! All the tunes are really interesting, I´ll write down some thoughts to help me vote :slight_smile:

@servando : Gerat atmosphere. Liked the the blurred lines between textures and percussion.
@Poubelly : Beautiful! I like the Nintendo feelings, some nostalgic videogame memories. Could be the soundtrack of Harvest Moon.
@plasticdub : I like your leftfield stuff! Always very unusual and free. Nice krautrock vibe.
@Marijn Uilenbroek : Cool drones, I love the less melodic stuff. However, I think it could be warmer; maybe a little bit of drive?
@MUHR : Liked a lot the drum pattern with the bongos (?). A distant dub chiptune sound, which reminds me some Jahtari stuff. Great!
@overseas territory : great beat. Liked a lot the tape wowing/fluttering, a nice and charming trick of the OP-1!
@Moedars : I first tried to do a dub beat, but I´m a really bad keyboard player so needed to abandon that idea…great, because it would be terrible and your riddim is just amazing. Fyah!!!
@Eren Celik: videogame and industrial feelings, good work!
@HelloOperator : I love Dune, liked a lot the Middle Eastern vibe of this tune. I want to meditate and learn some Bene Gesserit secret techniques now :stuck_out_tongue:
@dj_KLN : Although I´m not really into trap, amazing work! How did you do those triplet hi-hat? Great drum programming, nice chopped vocals. Could be on the last MIA album :slight_smile:
@SJ Gambler: Reminds me of some electroclash stuff of the early 00s, but with a more industrial progression. Good!
@zakguy: Loved the chiptune vibe and the radical musical changing in the middle of the beat.
@yoof : As I´m really into jungle and drum n´bass, I always like the yoof beats and hope to hear them every battle :slight_smile: GREAT drum programming.
@wingo: Very creative, a mix of various interesting OP-1 techniques. Liked the drums a lot and the variations.
@Borden : Really cool progression, beautiful melody. And the drawing is so nice :slight_smile:
@Jethro Bagust: Great sample, where´s it from? Weird, unusual stuff, turned to be a kind of psychdelic spoken word: great work!
@ape$robot: liked a lot the drum programming, the melody and the minimalism. Really cool beat.
cerfs_volants: One of my favorites. Loved the overall lo-fi and saturated texture. The vocal is yours? Recorded on the OP-1? The tune is very cool and the vocals are GREAT - also very different to the usual stuff that we see here. (Was uploaded by @Kites)
@Made Up Monster: Cool! Pop music of the future, highlight to the rhythm, mixing a lot of different sources with a african vibe that I love.

Really hard choice, because we have really good tunes, some beats made with interesting techniques and a lot of interesting experimental stuff. I´ll go with @dj_KLN.

Thanks a lot everyone for the amazing sounds and congratulations to every one for the good work! :slight_smile:

@Aeoner thanks, nice writeup. My soundcloud username is Cerfs-volants. Yea those are my goofy vocals recorded with a Zoom H1 into line-in on OP-1.

@Kites edited the post :slight_smile: Great vocals, and nice blend of textures with the H1 + OP-1!

I must not fear.
Fear is the mind killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total oblitoration
I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where fear has gone there will be nothing.
Only I will remain.

Bene Gesserit litany against fear

@aeoner - i did quite a lot with the hi-hats. i used at least 3 hi-hat samples with subtle differences. i panned most of the hats to 100% left and 30% right. i added hats to the mix using the Step and Endless sequencers, as well as manually here and there. (the Endless is where the triplets come from). i sampled the hats in two different ways into the Synth engine, firstly so i could pitch them down, and also so i could sequence them with Endless and then use Delay, so they would echo (the latter which could have been done in the Drum engine just as easily). i also used a very slight Delay on one of the hat samples to provide a slight Reverb effect, which gave it a bit wider range.

anyways, i’m glad you enjoyed it even though Trap isn’t your thing. thanks for the support!

your track is quite well put together, and has some very nice qualities. i am certain i know that Classic Break you used. is it the Headhunters “God Made Me Funky”? - any old way, i enjoyed it throughout, as well as the overall composition.

for you other guys…this is tough one. lots of great work, and such a nice turnout! i’m going to listen through the playlist at least a few before times before submitting my vote. each time i have, i find more redeeming qualities to each piece. argh!

Hi @kln ,nice to get at least a slight insight into how you work. I too wondered how /which sequencers you use. I suspected some was by hand. You deffo mastered Machine before you moved over and you produce like a pro. Trap or not, your style always reminds me of a UK (dubstep) sound before it went stateside.

@Spheric_EI, thank you so much for the mentioning! :slight_smile: Yes there is indeed a few layers going on and then the delay helps a lot with the depth as I’m sure you know :wink: I usually like to do more or less big productions and try to make it sound as if it had been done in a DAW. And that gets even more fun when you have these restrictions like the “Delay only”. :slight_smile:

@aeoner, thanks so much for the comment! :slight_smile:

Damn good battle everyone! Great tracks!

@Spheric_El - thanks mate. i feel i’ve definitely started on a path towards making some cool shit…but master or pro might be a stretch. ha! appreciate your comment though!

and yeah, although i had a great deal of fun making this Trap-style beat, i hope to continue to make many other tracks in different styles. for some reason lately, i’ve been loving the hard banging drums of Trap, Glitch, and Bass music. so was thus inspired on my track.

These are all so good!

@kln thank you for sharing with us your method of work, man! I need to learn how to use the Endless sequencer :slight_smile:

@servando - this is so excellent on so many levels!!! Straight up there, right near the top. So much texture, lovely mysterious intro, a soft cushion of bass. An amazing composition! I do have to ask though… did you use Spring on the master? Or was that allowed… did I miss a trick?

@Poubelly - I love this… the opening is such a treat for the ears with everything that’s going on in all those different frequencies bouncing aboit the stereo field. Then there’s loads of glitchiness and pleasing, comforting melodies. Seriously top notch fella.

@plasticdub - wow, totally love the random spoken words. My favourite of your tracks so far. Keeps me smiling throughout with all the experimentation - wicked!

@marijn - such a lovely start… is that FM? Loads of lovely warm frequencies. Super eerie goings-on in the background. Really love that crazy sample in the background, sounds a bit like a whale? Anyways, sends me to a strange place, that despite being weird, makes me feel calm.

@MUHR - this one had me MOVIN’! I like the rolling groove. There’s lots of subtle delay going on mixed with more freaked out bits. Nice one.

@overseas_territory - really nice. I love the tape warble, goes really nicely with your style. Nice touch with the M1/M2 tricks.

@Moedars - loved the dubby style… and the crazy wolves in the background!! Really chilled out track. I like the section in the middle when it goes to just drums and wolves.

@Eren Celik - loved the no-nonsense drums and those bassy vibes that together form such a groove. So nice when you can get a few well chosen elements to work well together. Hypnotic stuff, one of my faves.

@Ceefax - soooo cool. My wife showed me that documentary independently of the battle… everything about it was so artisticly put together. Really lovely track. I really like how the melody is composed of different patches… can’t quite work out what’s going on (which is obviously a good thing :wink: )

@dj_kln - this one HAS to be my winner!! It’s flipping brilliant! Those wide drums at the start, the booming bass, the vocals, the drum programming, the trappy style, uncluttered, yet so engaging. Can’t big this up enough! Respect fella!!

@sj_gambler - nice track!! I used quite a similar unison bass in a couple of my tracks recently, good choice! The vocal snippets really add to it, good work on the stereo too, and on the M1/M2 EQ shenanigans.

@Zakguy - loved the drums on this. Loads of variety there and that middle section gives it almost a totally different tempo. Dead cool.

@yoof - it was alright like, but your track in the Battle Scraps thread is so much better! :wink:

@wi_ngo - likin’ the scratch samples. That bit with the mental tape tricks going into the warpy tape bit going into the crazy stereo section is soo gooood!! Loved it, proper op-1 experimentation!

@Borden - the section at the beginning with the chords on the L and R channels really relaxes me and I love the reverse bit! Nice experimental piece. Cool ending too :slight_smile:

@Jethro_Bagust - Really cool! Loved the spoken parts and love how it goes all Pink Floyd after with the arpeggiated bass. Taking delay to another level :slight_smile:

@ape$robot - cool!! Is this your first battle? I don’t recognize your name… if so, you’re entering right at the top with the best of them. Really nice use of samples and great drum programming, with some stereo trickery, right? All those little touches of detail make for a very nice track!! Definitely one to watch!

@Kites - great sample work at the start with those bell-like sounds with some tweaking or LFO’ing of the blue param. Then I love how it takes a rhythmical turn. Then the vocals come in and get all chopped and glitched up with the delay… dead good! There’s also a faint noise thing going on in the R channel… love details like that :slight_smile: Another fave from this battle.

@MadeUpMonster - lovin’ the main room feel. You’ve ended up with something that doesn’t come across really op-1’y, which I think is always quite hard to do. Excellent attention to detail.

@aeoner - I like how it feels like the high frequencies have all been rolled off… did you do that with the EQ? Lots of nice stereo detail in there and the combinations of different patches really work well together over that drum loop.

My vote goes to @dj_kln.

I’m sure we say this everytime, but this really was an amazing selection of music. I’m so impressed, and pretty excited to see what we’ll all end up doing on future battles. Good work everybody!