Battle 32 - Pocket Battle!

Welcome to battle number 32! Thanks to everyone who voted for me…I’m honored!

With the highly controversial launch of the Pocket Operator series, I’ve decided to focus this battle on them. To enter, you must sample a Pocket Operator into the OP-1 on at least 1 track. Don’t have a Pocket Operator? Neither do I. Sample from any sound source of these little monsters… Youtube, Soundcloud, wherever you can find any audio. If you own one, well, use it! Other than that, entries must be mixed/mastered inside the OP-1. Any synths, fx, seqs, external gear, whatever, are fair game. Entries must be in by 3/24. Good luck and have fun!

ps- If one of the mods could make this thread an “Announcement”, please and thank you!

Woot woot! A PO-battle :slight_smile:

Fastest battle rules posting ever - good skills :slight_smile:

yeah!, sounds good!

can’t wait to start. :slight_smile:

nice one. is sampling a vocal or spoken word allowed?

nice one. is sampling a vocal or spoken word allowed?

Absolutely. Go to town!

Haha. I don’t have one either but for some reason that makes me more psyched for this battle than if I did! Count me in.

Ahaha ! This one I can do !

Congratulations @Sammyjams, and thanks for launching the very first PO battle !

Here we go!

I cancelled my order direct from TE for all 3 PO’s as I was a bit pissed with the way they went about the release.

I have however caved in since and just grabbed the Rhythm - ordered it today so should have it by the end of the week from Colette.

Hopefully get a chance to take part in this battle. I was away in China without the OP-1 so didn’t get a chance to take part in the last battle :frowning:

Tom, being in China is quite something ! Where were you ?

And why haven’t you brought an OP-1 ?

I’ve been playing with the Rythm so far, on an old OP-1 synth line, this little instrument is but a toy I can get quickly quite decent drums.
It’s so great to feed them in the OP-1 !
Plus they’re so precise I don’t even use any sync signal : old schooool !! :smiley:

If someone could sample their PO screen breaking I’d like to have a copy please, just as long as it’s not in C.

Here’s my entry. Enjoy! It’s korg volca, op1, and the PO sub.


Where’d you get “Tom” from? :stuck_out_tongue:
The wife is Chinese so were over there for Chinese New Year visiting family. We spent a four days in Seoul, South Korea too - amazing city and will definitely go back. Went to Nakwon Music Arcade (Google it!).

I didn’t take the OP-1 (I did last time) because I took ipad with Korg Gadget & Qunexus.
To be fair I didn’t get to spend a lot of time music making but enough to get me started and into Gadget - it’s an amazing app!
I did get some good field recordings out there though and will be using some in my music going forward - may end up using some in my submission for the comp.

Like that sound @Calicaux reminds me of my early nineties raving days, Orbital and the like. Nice.

@spacetravelmadeeasy has fallen into static, obviously :slight_smile:
South Korea ! I have to go there one day ! This place seems crazy ! :smiley:

But not as much as talking about Asia lovin’ in a battle thread, sorry guys…
Damn @Calicaux is already in the arena !

mine’s in the mail… hoping it comes in soon…

Hi guys, it just occurred to me that I always convert my album .aif into a 44.1K 16bit .wav before putting it on SoundCloud. Does anyone know if I can just upload the .aif? And if so, will the bit depth / sample rate be reduced (dithered?) by SoundCloud?

I guess what I’m asking is: What’s the best file format and sample rate etc. for SoundCloud?

Hey @HelloOperator, I always chuck mine up as the aif I grab from the op-1. I don’t know what soundcloud do to it afterwards though.

If you let people download it, they can download the original file.

Otherwise they systematically convert your mp3 into a 128 kbps, it’s the format you usually get using a site to extract the mp3 from Soundcloud.
I would guess that if you want to be sure of the result, it’s better that you comply to Soundcloud default format.

Thanks guys. I had a feeling it was doing something nasty to the audio after I accidentally uploaded an 88.2 K 24 bit .wav and it sounded like trash when I played it back. Not keen on converting to a 128 mp3 though :confused:

It’s my hope that the next 5-10 years will represent a concerted struggle back towards high fidelity consumer audio, in terms of both media / format and playback devices / speakers.

I try not to think about it too much but I do feel sorry for the kids of today, even though they don’t even know what they’re missing.