Battle 34 - Battery Operated

@lyingdalai You could in theory use an iPod touch if you have one...

Nope, I don’t, unfortunately

But thanks for the suggestion ^^

@ghostly606 - all iPod touch models are equipped with wi-fi and can thus connect to the Internet. I don’t think they meet the rules.

other non-wi-fi equipped iPod models maybe are within the limits? those also need to tether to a computer (which is verboten) in order to contain content.

I don’t personally plan on using any iPods as a source…but seems a point that may be worth clarifying for others.

I would think they belong on the list of “unacceptables”

You are quite right, my mistake!

i will use my Oplab with my 5v powerbank to sync up things!

first battle iam In! iam excited and have a lot of battery powered gear.


Here’s my entry. Gear:


This is an awesome idea and i’m gonna try and get something ready to enter.

On a battery operated tip, Nanoloop have just done an update for the GB versions that allows syncing with the Volca empire. more details can be found here but basically you just need to butcher a GB link cable, do the update and you’re off. I asked the nano-guy if they could possibly sync with PO too and he said ‘I don’t know the PO’s sync scheme. it should work with everything that uses one clock per step’. Could be interesting but i just don’t quite understand… Eeek!

@Nawi77 That is awesome, thanks for the pointer to this new feature!

Here’s my entry. I don’t have too many battery-powered music making items, so I tried to improvise :slight_smile: Featured on this track is stuff like a camera and a power drill.

A rule question: I was planning to use my Microgranny 2.1 but it suddenly started to show a bizarre bug (can´t sample, a lot of noise, lights flashing), so I´m using my SP404SX (battery powered and I mean REALLY battery powered, as the power charger is missing right now) to sample some breaks from my iPod.

It´s fair? If it´s not, it´s fair to use the samples already inside the SP?

Just my humble opinion, but I’d think that’s very much okay. If not, that would also rule out the Microgranny, Volca Sample, etc.

Or is there something special about the SP404SX that would possibly make it different? Email client? :slight_smile:


yeah nano loop update action!

that are really cool features from Oliver. :slight_smile:


yeah nano loop update action!

that are really cool features from Oliver. :slight_smile:

@josker well, I think I didn´t expressed very well: I´m concerned about the samples, because after all, they came from a computer (Computer > iPod > SP404SX). Is that ok? :slight_smile:

What about Drum kits you’ve imported into your OP-1 in the past?

oh yeah… Well, considering you can use all facilities of the OP-1 as per rules, you could do the same sort of ‘cheating’ with the OP-1, if you wanted.

I think all the battles have had rules that are bendable in dubious ways… But I don’t take them too seriously. I’d think that as long as it doesn’t feel dirty, it isn’t wrong :smiley:

BTW – a general rule clarification question:

Is updating your submission with a new tune frowned upon?

I think I should maybe have taken more time with mine, and am contemplating making a new one. But will do none of that if it seems sketchy.

I don’t think it’s so bad to change your mind.

Should we extend the submission period by a week? Are people hard at work? Is it unfair to the couple who’ve alredy put a song forward?


Concerning the deadline extension: Well, as you can probably tell, I won’t mind at all :slight_smile:

extension would be good, as usual I’ve got so much on and not enough time!