Battle 35 - Remix

Hello! Sorry for taking so long! The weekend got me :slight_smile:

Lately I’ve been listening a lot to this brazilian guy called Psilosamples (Grupo Raizes- Desentoado (psilosamples Remix) by psilosamples | Free Listening on SoundCloud) who makes really awesome (IMO) remixes of “traditional” songs. I think the OP-1 can be used to make some nice remixes as well.

So the rules are:

- choose a song that uses traditional elements from where you are from or a place you identify yourself with…
- you can use any synth engine, all the stock drumkits and any FX.
- you can’t use the radio.
- you can’t use the microphone, with one exception:
- you should make ONE field recording, for example nature sounds (wind, ocean, walking on grass, etc), city sounds (traffic, bikes, people walking, etc), and use it in your remix. no limits on the length of this recording.
- you can’t use other devices to slice the song or anything, only play it back and sample it with the op-1. you should use the tape, album or sampling to synth/drum. but of course you can split the stereo signal to get some elements of the original song.
- record to album as always :slight_smile:
- post a link to the original song together with the remix and tell us about the field recording

That’s it, I believe July 13 is a good deadline, what do you think?

Any questions please ask.

This sounds good, but I think July 7 is too early, IMO, especially for those of us in the States who may be away for the July 4 holiday weekend.

@Tribix July 13 then?

better . . . but I wish others would chime in. lol

More time is good :slight_smile:

Hey !
Nice idea @brunogola, but I wonder how can we sample the original song ?
Is field recording obligatory ?

@quarantequatre use the audio input and record to tape, to album or synth/drum sampler…

so July 13 :slight_smile:

and yes, field recording is obligatory.

I’ll try my hardest to join in! I did try to put something together in the last battle, but it was falling a bit flat on my ears… going through a period of struggling to bring creative ideas into fruition.

Great battle idea, @brunogola! Indeed, Psilosamples is a guy who should use the OP-1, I think he have the spirit, you know? I´ll send him a message talking about the battle and the forum, he´s a nice guy.

@yoof yeah, we´re missing your beats. Don´t think too much, just do :slight_smile: (I´m pretty sure that Master Yoda teaches something like that!)

Aah cheers for the encouragement @aeoner :slight_smile: And +1 on not over-thinking it.

Not sure if I’ll be entering but thanks @brunogola for sharing Psilosamples. I especially like the track you posted. Definitely feeling that one, it’s beautiful and transportive - and music is always my favourite mode of transport :slight_smile:

here is my remixed song.

i think most people have heard the original. but here is the YouTube link, for those that have not.

i recorded the samples of the track using my Numark PT-USB and the 7-inch i own of this song.

my field recording is of my daughter playing with a toy that plays silly sounds when she jumps on it, sort of like that “dance dance revolution” video game, but for little kids, and with no screen or attachment to a TV. my dog was barking at her jumping around as well. recorded to the op-1 mic.


Here´s my entry. Originally I was thinking about sampling something from a rare (although now we have a very good reissue) “psych folk” (isn´t exactly what it is, but…) record from the brazillian northeast:

However, I´m listening a lot of those R n´ B vocal groups of the 70´s and the time was a little bit tight for me, so instead I choose a more simple way: a lo-fi and “traditional” beat, just a chopped sample with some variable loops. ROMANTIC STUFF. </3 </3 </3

Again, as happened on the last beat, I tried to be not so wonky on that one, as some MCs keep asking beats to me but can´t rhyme on the more leftfield stuff.

Used the Delay, the Spring Reverb, a high drive and lots of panning. The original song is a The Manhattan´s joint:

The beat:

@brunogola - we are past the deadline, but maybe we should extend it to hopefully gather more entries. i was looking forward to hearing tracks from Operators, both older and newer participants in recent battles. maybe someone will come through after a bit more time?

Well, It´s a beautiful and hot summer in Europe and US, I think everyone is outside doing BBQs, swimming in lakes and smoking joints. Let´s wait until sunday?

ok, let’s wait until sunday. i didn’t finish what i wanted as well :frowning: