Battle 35 - Vote

So, we have only two entries! I could not finish mine as well :frowning:



Is one week enough?

I’ve got to vote for @kln ,sorry @aeoner and well done for entering.
I really love trying to work out @klns headspace and methods when I listen back.You’re welcome to retain some mystery here,I’m jus thinking out loud,but is it achieved with the OP-1s ability or with the original instrument (machine)to get those sounds .Like do you use legato with a looped kick to get the quieter sub base.I could almost here the Cluster engine at times as the harmonics opened.(?)
That track needs sub on the moniter/heads phones when listening back.I love the way the sample hangs like a disembodied fine mail over a robust skeleton (like a scifi memory) and it took me a 2nd listen to get it.It did remind me of another DJ style sample of the past (I can’t remember)and does require skill to achieve.props

I am gonna go for @kln too, just more variety there. Very San Fran pics from you both! And well done you guys!

@Spheric_El - keeping some mystery intact, the entire track was created with sounds derived internally with the OP-1. only exceptions were the sample from the original track via 7-inch vinyl, and the OP-1 microphone recording mentioned in the post as the “field recording”, which resulted in only a few sounds sparingly used throughout the track, (and quite obviously at the end).

of course i will be more than happy to explain any of my process in detail which might help others, so if there are any specific questions…i’m happy to unravel the mystery to my best ability for anyone interested. but it’s nothing fancy honestly…just pressing, tapping, holding, some buttons & tweaking, twisting, turning some knobs. ha!

and of course @aeoner gets my vote! loving the sample and how you chopped and flipped it. nice track dude. and pleasure going toe-to-toe with you.

Awesome.Nice to know it was all OP-1.


Well, it´s a really beautiful and hot summer in the northern hemisphere, so I understand the low number of entries. And I got one of the best from the forum: big up @kln, always great beats, with a complex drum programming that I love and cannot achieve! You did an amazing work here, and I can figure your signature. Of course, my vote goes to you :slight_smile:

However, after listening them a lot, I think both of our beats are longer than they should - specially mine, that lasts near one minute more that it really needed.

But it was a great battle, thanks a lot @kln and @brunogola, and @Spheric_El and @carmobot for the feedback :slight_smile:

@brunogola - ready for a new battle? or prefer to leave voting open longer? not a lot of activity here.

My vote goes to kln. It’s too bad this one had such a small turn out, but at least it came down to two of this sites strongest contributors.

seems like this battle is pretty complete. imma go ahead and start a new battle thread. and hopefully it will incite more participation for the next round. hope that isn’t too presumptuous, and doesn’t offend anyone.

thanks to all for the votes and feedback. and thanks @brunogola for what i actually thought was a great rule set that challenged me and stretched my creativity.

also @aeoner for entering. as i mentioned before, really cool track, and FWIW, i actually didn’t find your tune too long at all.