Battle 37 Voting

Here are the entries for Battle 37

Hope you have all had fun doing this battle, I know it was pretty hard but it seems like most of you discovered a few things along the way.

Please write a few words for each entry and cast a vote for you favourite!






@Servando - what an opener! After hearing yours the first time, I had to rethink my tune as I wasn’t able to get it to sound as good as yours :wink: Loved that gnarly, growling bass you chose for that famous and memory-invoking bassline. Like how you morph it in many different ways throughout the track. Was that the op-1’s spring on those cowbells in the background? One thing I noticed about Aphex Twin tunes from that era is that, in essence, they’re pretty simple in that he chooses a few elements that combine really nicely, but then the way he plays with those elements throughout the tune really brings it to life. And I think you captured that really well.

@mixrasta - Good to see you on the battle scene again :wink: Love this! It’s like a real remix - did you grab little bits from the original and incorporate them into your own interpretation of it? There is loads of originality in there and some recognizable bits. There’s a section with some slightly detuned string synth (near the end) - did you detune that on purpose in homage to the way Aphex Twin adds loads of detuned parts? I really wanted to do that myself :slight_smile: And the piece feels like it’s sitting on a big cushion of op-1 spring too. Top stuff!

@kln - I don’t know the original of the source of your inspriration (Nannou), so it was interesting for me to hear it fresh from you first and then hop over to youtube to find it. I like how the snippets of the interview with the child sound quite sinister against the rest of the tune, not overdone either - really effective :slight_smile: And there’s lots of lovely bass and programming in there. Really nice tune.

@motone - Superb job on this. Such a great tune to cover in the first place, and you really did it justice. I loved the ping pong delay at the start. I actually like how some things like ping pong delay are not so easy on the op-1 - you have to really want to do it to do it :wink: Really good work on those distorted drums. Packed full of lovely synths in the background too. Sublime!

It’s a high standard in this battle! Was fun taking part. Thanks to @metske, the host.

My vote goes to… drumroll… @motone!

Wow -a condensed five tracks worth of pure electronic beauty.
I really enjoyed that.its never easy to vote here ,but I’m really impressed with what you guys have all achieved with this little synth.
I wish I didn’t know who had done what and was voting blind.Im close to asking my family which track is best…
I’m not online at home and always writing up on an iPod so its never easy to write and listen at the same time.

@metske - thanks for hosting this one! did you want to set a date for placing the vote by? in past battles, open voting lasts roughly a week, (if that helps)…plus i’m always anxious to kick off the next one and see what kind of Rules the next winner will impose. oh, i was curious, did you make anything yourself based on your rules?

otherwise to my compadres in the battle, going to be a tough decision. all are strong candidates…and include thoughtfully structured measures, deftly crafted synth sounds, excellently programmed drums and/or beautifully derived sampling!

having a few more listens at different times of day and in different situations, (at work, home, in car, etc), to see if that helps sway my choice in any direction.

Congratulations to all participants! It’s really a hard decision.

@Servando: The sounds are well programmed, especially the munchy bass sound. You also made good use of live parameter tweaking so the whole thing sounds very organic.

@mixrasta What a cool remix. Very creative use of sample pieces. You can still hear the spirit of the original, but here it’s more rough and laidback. Also very well dosed use of the OP-1’s FX.

@kln Cool remix, too, but it goes in a very different direction. I really like the strange percussions and the overall composition. Very good use of FX in here, too.

@yoof Awesome mixdown, it sounds so rich and fat, dann good percussion programming. The sounds are well programmed, too. All in all a great cover version, very close to the original.

Damn, I can’t decide. I’ll call back later, after some more listenings.

Hi all and Thx all for a battle that it’s almost like an academic analysis… I really learned some useful things along the way and that’s priceless… :wink:

@Mixrasta. you really nailed that “pizzicato” sound, Also like a lot the percs you choosed and how you sequenced them.

@dj_KLN. I liked the belly sound (is it fm?) and how you structure the rhythm along the track to make it always interesting.

@yoof. super good sounding rhythms, and I like the sound you made for the melody “1” fresh and pleasant. For my taste, The bass still lacks punch but we know, op-1 ain’t a sub 37… // Spring in my cowbells, yess!, I really wish there was a “normal” reverb in the op-1… Meanwhile, spring can help moisturizing a bit the sound…

@motone. you nailed the sounds too… I think you choosed a track that fits very good within the palette of the op-1… It sounds very clean and its very well mixed.

Winner: (Difficult choice!) @motone

After having listened to all entries several times I finally made my choice:
My vote goes to @mixrasta. I really love the feeling in the groove and all those subtle bits and pieces you created.

To all participants: it has been a tough and close decision. Big up to you all.

This is the afx song with the dali esque video at the beach right @motone? I Look it up later, it just came to my mind after listening to your track while I’m writing this… Comes close to the original with the OP-1 engine ; )
Very good mix and clean production but grounded with the distorted bassdrum. Good choice and fantastic remake!

You changed the original into a cool 80’s electro track. Thought of Ed DMX in the beginning! As usual good production @yoof. And to your questions, indeed I just used some snippets of the original and then remixed them (at the end of the original there you find the main organsynths without the drums!) Lots of Spring of course and the detuned sounds are String, but not made detuned intentionally but I liked the Koto like sounds.

Your minimal approach-style match this Afx Twin song totally. And you also added some new parts to the original and the typical AFx child voice cannot be missed ; ) @kln

First and very fast entry to the battle @servando. Very cool oldschool drumprogramming and good profound moogline there!

ja, difficult choice here too. I give my voice for @motone ! Gruß an die Randzone Ost, falls du das bist ; )

Hihi! jawoll, der bin ich… B)

@Servando Excellent, faithful recreation .
All the synths sounded analoguey and nicely tweaked.All arrangements and drums rolled along well.I like alot.Much respect.
@mixrasta Fat drums and bass response.nicely arranged and a cohesive mix.Havnt heard original for time and I’m less familiar but this did sound like a remix with your defined sound ontop, which was nice.Nice solo brake.Excellent stuff.
@kln another track choice I’m less familiar with.Love your version regardless of comparisons.This was also a lovely remix with your defined sound.Your track makes me LOL in the cafe I am sitting in.I think RDJ would like that.Sweet aftertaist wanting more (in a very good way).
@Yoof -Best carved pumpkin I’ve ever seen award.
Great to have you back.This is very faithful.Excellent SAW sound.Keeping the gang on their toes.Lovely panning and the sounds you made your own still sit very well with the AFX vibe.The drums,hats even have a mastered to cassette effect.
@motone well er,its deffo “On”.
Seriously impressive recreation.I was suprised by this final submission.Bass is there,exactly how I remember and the whole track is mixed and recorded like the real deal.Like an excellent forgery - you totally nailed it and with a catchy song choice ,I’ve gotta give it to you…
@motone gets my vote.
Well done to the new blood (if this is your 1st @motone) ,also well done all of you coz you all
Great competition.

Very good tracks everyone !

I have trouble to find one better. It’s just a matter of vibe, in the end.
I like @mixrasta and @motone better, and between these two I would say @mixrasta say more things, and is close to the idea of AFX somehow.
Hard to express my feelings about this.
But my vote goes to @mixrasta !

Here are my thoughts and vote, I think I will leave the voting open until the weekend to get a few more in. @kln I am as eager as you to see what the next battle brings, was hoping this update might have been released by now and maybe the next battle would feature rules based on any new features :slight_smile: wishful thinking lol. Any way here are my thoughts:

Very good, love this tune and think you have done a really faithful remake on the OP1, well done! Like all the filtering going off!

This one is so good! Knew it was going to be awesome from the start with the stereo ping-pong’d delay. Would like to know how you did this,very decent replication of all the sounds. One of my favourite Aphex tunes. Done a really good job on this!

Awesome battle approach with this one, I like how you have broken the tune up into a completely different vibe with hints of the original. Love where it goes after the 2:00 minute mark.

This is a wicked rendition of the track, extremely spot on with all your sounds and like the way youve taken it. Proper grooving.

Another well executed but different battle approach. Really captured the essence of mid to late 90s Aphex in this I reckon! Awesome!

Really hard deciding who to vote for on this battle as each track definitely captured the spirit of Afx really well, going to have to go for @motone as it was so well executed.

I have a version of flim almost ready so will try and finish it tonight and post. My first attempt was at fingerbib and had even sampled myself striking a match for the intro but just didn’t work out with my synth sounds. Was pretty happy making flim though so will hopefully sort it tonight.

@Metske - looking forward to hearing your flim. also, perhaps any future battle host would be open to re-writing battle parameters in the event an update occurred mid-battle. (i know i would if the update came out while i was hosting). now all we have to do is continue hope that an update is imminent.

@Servando - the bell sound is Cluster. quite nice bell sounds can be formed with that engine, i’ve found.

@motone gets my vote, after much contemplation.

beasts of submissions from all parties though! farksake!

So I think it is time to close the voting, Well done to Motone! Very good On cover!
Well done to all other entries too, I will post my flim cover when I get chance…

Looking forward to hearing Motone’s next battle rules and having a go!

Congratulations @motone! Very well deserved.

Can’t wait for the next battle, looking forward to hearing your rules :wink:

Partying now! :slight_smile: Big thanks to everybody!

@Metske: Here’s how I did the stereo ping-pong delay: First I mixed down all tracks I wanted to be affected by the delay (using the Mixer I could also set the amount of effect). I ran the mix through the EQ to remove some bass and to gave it more mid frequencies, and finally through the DELAY effect (set to approx. 1/4th note) in the master section.
After that I shifted the new recorded delay track by approx. 1/8th note (holding shift and turning the blue knob, but I had to split the track into max 90 seconds long pieces) and then set the panorama to left. Then I made a copy to another track, shifted it another 1/8th note and panned it to the right. That’s it.

BTW: Here’s the version with some added field recordings:
Aphex Twin "On" (OP-1 Approximation By Motone v2) | Listen on

Yeah, thanks again everybody, I feel very honored! And I already have a cool idea for the next battle:smiley:

Meine Glückwünsche ! Congrats ! @motone