Battle 45 - Birthday Surprise - VOTING TIME!!

Thanks from @Edzilla and I (and @winerz too!) for entering the battle, I think it’ll be best to follow the Battle 44 voting rules as they worked pretty well!

<div style=“font-style: normal; font-variant-ligatures: normal; font-variant-caps: normal; font-weight: normal; font-family: “lucida grande”, “Lucida Sans Unicode”, tahoma, sans-serif; font-size: 14.3px; margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; outline: 0px; vertical-align: baseline; color: rgb(37, 38, 30); background-color: rgb(252, 252, 255);”>HERE ARE THE VOTING RULES:
  1. Everybody is invited to vote!
  2. You have up to three votes that you can give to the battle entries (but one vote per entry only)
  3. Voting ends in 10 days, on April 7th.

@motone if you’re able (or anyone!) to put a playlist together that would be awesome!

Otherwise, here’s the contestants: (note: host entries at bottom, otherwise in chronological order)

@admin please sticky subject :slight_smile:

@millbastard Here you are: Battle #45 - Birthday Surprise by Motone | Free Listening on SoundCloud

@scy1e Sorry, I couldn’t add your track to the SoundCloud playlist, because it’s hosted on BandCamp. But I’ve put the link on top of the playlist description.

@Roborob I took the liberty to use your cake drawing as playlist graphic. :wink:

Are we able to vote for hosts this time?

@motone thanks bud! will add this to the main post

@Spheric_El yes, as there were 3 winners in Battle 44 it was determined that hosts could participate in this Battle

Edit: ugh, for some reason adding the playlist to the main post exceeds the character limit, and I can’t get it to work. @admin can you guys help with this at all?

sorry to have missed the fun with this one, but life has it’s way of catching up to you sometimes. at least i can contribute a vote. if i can find time, i can elaborate on how i found each track to be, but basically all of them have merits and little joyous moments that i can feel OP-1 technique (or tricks) written all across. execution of rules coming through in rich color, so, bravo fellas!! missing battles in general and hoping to participate more again soon.


1. winerz
2. servando
3. borden

best bday cake = sc1ye


Really good tracks everyone.
Great idea for the sketch birthday cake. Loved trying to work out which bits were your pictures, listening out for atonal stuff, well sextonal if I can invent the word- whatever a 6th of a tone is.
(I love sketch -underrated seq imho).

I’ll vote…

These two so nice ya play twice -Esp that ending on MillBastards…it acts as a drop back into main dub.
Knockout tracks!
Well done all.

Pleasure to listen to all that, enjoyed them all! However two stood out to me so I’ll chuck two votes in:

Those beautiful sadness-tinged chords made the hairs on my arms stand up. They pair extremely well with the glitchy drums I thought. Loved it!

The Grateful Nerd
Loved the classic house-style chords, the ever-changing detail of the clicky percussion line, and the occasional dubby springy reverb splashes on the percussion.

Man, I finally just had a big listen to all these in the studio, these entries were really killer I reckon!

It was really hard to narrow it down to three for me, but in the end:

1. @scy1e - the “nina” vocal absolutely floored me! also the cake is suitably putrid, which I love. Also really dug the glitchiness overall, and the hard panning of different elements really increased the quality I thought
2. @borden - loved the pitch drops on the bass lines at different times, and the final riser into the drop was dopppppe
3. @Servando - again a really high quality house tune, which really punched thru (I find it hard to maintain headroom on OP1, you nail it every time!). Also I couldn’t not vote for you when you had the absolutely meanest reverse @ 1:52 - that’s wild

Some extra mentions:
@curdledgurled - this one was br00tal, and I loved the way the horn shone through at about 1:50
@winerz - another willllllld reverse section @ 1:28, and I loved the dub vibe - reminded me of Bun Dem (Damian Marley/Skrillex)
@Edzilla - loved the clearly defined moments, especially that wild scream at the start. Cool little 8 bit sounding outro that reminded me of radiohead-meets-nintendo
Shouts to @Roborob for the best cake!

My vote:

  2. SCY1E

Great tracks and cakes everybody!

My votes go to
@millbastard - Somehow came across as really gritty and really polished at the same time. Good stuff!

@servando - well produced dancey tune. I like the way you used d-synth on this guy; really adds some character :slight_smile:
@edzilla - I loved the sound design on this one. Sounds to me like a group of horror movie monsters took drugs and went for a walk through the park on a sunny day.

All good stuff, everyone!

My vote goes to

@borden- automated enveloped filters in basslines always get me :wink:
greetings to all participants!

Good tracks !
my votes :
@millbastard (+funniest cake !)

my votes:

@servando - very well produced!
@edzilla - i love that grimy bass and the ending adds a nice contrast!
@winerz - very smooth track!

very good battle!

I vote @edzilla couldnt really pick between the rest for three votes, but edzillas stuck out as being my favourite

My 3 votes:

@borden - really nice, solid track
@winerz - it doesn’t feel. sounds awesome though.
@millbastard - still loving this one. strongest track yet!

@borden for me. I’ll take another listen to add 2 more votes, just popping in quickly to vote for my favorite in case I forget…

@borden gets my vote sweet bass grooves!

Hi everybody. @borden for me too. Really good use of the OP1 !

Alright gang - apologies for the lateness, just got back from a surprise holiday (the best kind)

I just tallied up all the scores and it looks like @borden has taken the proverbial cake with 8 votes, closely followed by @servando with 6!
@borden, Congrats bro!

Thanks to all participants (battlers, voters, listeners), and looking forward to the next battle hosted by @borden :wink:

congrats @borden!