Battle 49 : “The Tale of the Tortoise and the Hare”


Ironically I have no time right now to make sth… And it looks as if this won’t change soon. :frowning:


I’m really busy procrastinating this stuff…


I’m planning to travel back in time after the DL to prepare a fabulous track.


Oops, did I just create a rift in the space-time continuum?


On a more serious note, I got started on a track last night. I’ll definitely have an entry by the deadline!



I did the field recording part, but struggle to find some time together with my OP-1 :wink:


I’ve been too distracted on a mission with my Monomachine and have almost forgot about this. I have something in motion but I’m really not liking it much at the moment. I’ve got tracks 1 and 4 filled on my tape for it but forgot the plans I had for 2 and 3 (which were supposed to go into 1) (dig?).


I had absolutely no time to get something done, only got the field recording part…


O… K…

Not one track so far.
Do you guys/girls need some deadline extension ?


Oops it’s 10AM tomorrow, thought it was 22:10. I have an almost-ready entry that I think I can finish tonight. But not much of a battle if I’m the sole contestant. =)


This one may be a bit too out there :wink: fun challenge though. But I’ve been distracted with other things.

I have a finished piece that almost qualifies, but not quite. A few weeks ago I brought my Volca Sample on a short train ride and wrote a lot of patterns for it while on the train. Then I recorded those patterns into the OP-1’s tape mode on a couple of different tracks at different speeds and added a few additional sounds from the OP-1 itself. And when recording to album I played with tape speeds a bit more.

But the majority of the musical sounds are from the Volca, not the OP-1.

And unfortunately that thing sounds better than what I’ve managed to get so far for this challenge. But I’ll see what I can do tonight to try and fix it.


Well, maybe we can bend this rule, indeed it might be a bit too hard to come up with something decent with the “All sounds from OP-1” rule.

Thing is, the rules also state that "The track must embed at least one sample that was captured while traveling."
So, in a way, you’re obeying to this rule, and not cheating. Especially with a battery-powered device, totally fits the “space travel” side of the challenge. :smiley:

I can’t wait to listen to your track !!


Only heard about this today, but I think I’m going to take a crack at it. How do we submit? Just using the attach function on the forum?


No, you just drop a soundcloud link, it’s enough :slight_smile:


Well I had high hopes, but a local wildfire made a walk in the park out of the question. I ended up making this in the rec center at a park using the FM. Probably not quite what you had in mind, but I think it’s pretty interesting.

(wasn’t sure how to embed properly so I just included the link)

-edit- I apparently didn’t see that there was a 3:00 limit. I can edit if needed…


Since I’m an associate curator… who knows if I’m eligible. Here’s… something. All this time travel is making me sleepy.

Trains and riverboats with an OP-1 and a Volca Sample. The Sample is now buried amongst the glittering remains. I think Igel was trying to get ahead while his train was unexpectedly diverted across the plains of Wyoming.


Here’s mine, but I realized last night that I broke the rules – the core of the track are two loops I recorded from Kastle, and subsequently maimed into time-space submission by using the OP-1 tape and crank. So not just OP-1 sounds. Sorry about that! The on-the fly recording is the spoken sample I recorded from the radio this morning.

I really loved the brief, and had great fun working with tape!


So… here we are. Any other composition about to be submitted ?


No, got stuck in perfecting my procrastination.


I spent some time sketching something but I didn’t liked the results…