Battle 50: Resurrection

Yeah no worries @dschu, just render again on OP-1, unless you deleted the tracks already?

Is @jjbbllkk the OG battle author @mixrasta? Enquiring minds want to know. =)

Yeah, I’ve deleted most of it already. xD But nevermind, I found another nice track and will do another take later today, 100% OP-1. :slight_smile:


Brilliant! Don’t want to be too strict on the rules, since the purpose of the battles is to have fun and be creative, but if there’s one principle that the battles have always had, it’s the one about the end product being the result of recording to the OP-1 album. So let’s uphold that tradition. =)


Okay, here’s my actual submission. All done on the OP-1. :slight_smile:

Vocals sampled from


Love the broken beat vibe @dschu. Great eerie vocals too!


DL closing in, two more days. Anybody planning to send a track this weekend?


Actually me. I will give my best :slight_smile:
… already found a 78 song for it!


I’m trying to find the energy/drive to finish a song.


Here’s my entry :slight_smile: I used a good old melody:

Everything was done in OP-1.


I’m pretty far with my take however a busy 9-10 hour brunch shift is waiting for me tomorrow. So I’m not 100 if I can make it in time, but will try.


Keep em coming until Monday! It’s still Sunday somewhere in the Pacific for most of Monday in Europe/USA… =)


I can definitely finish this one until tmrw noon. Is that ok within the Cayman island rule?




Got it before the deadline! Yay!
Supercool battle rules this time. Thanks @vehka!
My song:
Everything was played without the sequencers. No outboard gear :slight_smile:
I tried to make it sound like an original kind of. I added lots of noise and tackles…
I only played very short samples. No loops used. Except for the beginning you can’t really tell the original song, maybe the violin break… that’s true :wink:
The piano sounds are made with String.
I really like the original, it’s such a good composition and very glamorous.
And it was recorded not far from my flat :smiley:


The first track I’ve actually finished in the three weeks since I got my OP-1…and my novice is quite apparent IMO, but here goes:

I lost track of the tabs I had open to grab sources, but I used a song called How Long and a piece from Gershwin out of the archives, as well as a bassline I laid down with a Minilogue and a few snippets of FM radio.


I used samples from 3 Hawaiian 78s:

Beautiful Hawaii
I'd Like To See Samoa of Samoa

Thanks for the great idea for a battle, looking forward to hearing everybody else's entries...


Great, three more entries! I think the last timezone enters Monday around noon Euro time today, but I can postpone the close until tonight if somebody still wants to squeeze in an entry?


I should get my contribution done tonight around midnightish. Would be happy to participate if that’s alright


Go ahead @jack_hightower! I’ll close the battle tomorrow morning, around 8am Central European Time.


this is actually my first song I did entirely on the op and I learned a lot. However I’m not quite happy with the mix, basically I did the whole song with headphones in my bed :smiley: but well here we go:

Unfortunately I can’t find the song I sampled it was some kind of latin joint and I sampled the first horn phrase and horn orchestral section. I made everything with it except the pad/chord, bass, drums and marimba lead.