Battle 50: Resurrection

Step 1: Find a song from this archive that you think deserves a second life: (Props to @spacetravelmadeeasy for sharing this resource.)

Step 2: Copy the song to your tape. You can transfer it via computer (see here for instructions, check the last post on the thread), or just record it via the OP-1 line input.

Step 3: Rework it to your liking. Everything is allowed. Some ideas:
  • Remix: Create a couple of loops from the original, and delete the rest. Make a new song out of these + some OP-1 sounds.
  • Modernize: Leave the original track as it is, but add some new sounds to the other three tracks.
  • Deconstruct: Reduce the original to pieces (sample a short waveform in sampler, make a synth melody line resembling the original, sample a vocal bit, etc), and build a new song inspired by the old one.
  • Decimate: Post-process the original by bouncing it repeatedly to other tracks with some added effects, until very little of the original track remains audible.
  • Any combination of the above!
All outboard gear is allowed, but the final mix needs to be recorded to OP-1 album, and no post-processing allowed, as usual.

DL for this one: midnight Sunday 19th November, wherever you are.

Awesome brief! Though I’ll need a year to sift through that audio pool…


One of these days I’ll get involved in this.

Still enjoy reading about the battles tho.

You know, the one time I was fully committed to participating, I ended up having a temporary issue with my op-1, and couldn’t get the damn thing to work for more than like 15 minutes at a time, lol.

I’ve spent a fair wack of time trawling through these 78s. Soooo many of them.

Great idea for a beat battle

heres my attempt, recorded to album, OP1 only

Im a noob so this was a fun exercise, learned some cool stuff

Records used:

Wow, that was quick! Lovely beats, well done @MirEko!

Thanks :smiley: @vehka

hi all, quite new here but decided to take on the challenge to get to know the OP-1 better. It’s a little rough a round the edges but still wanted to put it out there. I’ve called it “Resurrection” and it uses the 20s jazz collection eubie blake - chevy chase sample

@Teder aaahh this is great :smiley: nice sample selection! Good idea linking the source material

@Teder aaahh this is great :D nice sample selection! Good idea linking the source material

Thanks @MirEko, I enjoyed listening to your other tunes on SoundCloud as well. Looking forward to the submissions of the rest of you!

Sweet, great entry @Teder! What a funky sample you found!

Two days into the battle, and two entries already. If we interpolate based on this, there’ll be 26 entries at the end. =) =)

Might be the first battle I get in on. I’m guessing it’s safe to use multiple samples from the archive right?

Sure thing! Go crazy. =)

MireKo - That is dope!

Would be super cool if @jjbbllkk joined this 50’s battle. Ey, it’s all about sampling this time!
For me personally , I think it’s my duty to make one again this time :wink:

Here’s my submission. Sampled and played on the OP-1, but mastered in Logic X.

Happy Sunday to y’all :smiley:

Original Track
Jungle Boogie : The Bobby True Trio : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Edit: Shit, I just realized that software mastering is not allowed…Noooo! :frowning:

Then just master on the OP-1 or take the unmastered version. If it’s only up to loudness I can turn up the volume on my stereo :wink:

Yeah no worries @dschu, just render again on OP-1, unless you deleted the tracks already?

Is @jjbbllkk the OG battle author @mixrasta? Enquiring minds want to know. =)

I had to look up the acronym :wink: In the battles not really, you’re right. I think he never participated… Not sure…

Ok, well you're more than welcome to join anyway @jjbbllkk. =)

We got two weeks until the DL people. Start sampling! =)