Battle 51 – One-Minute Wonders


Cheers guys :slight_smile:

This one was a lot of fun. It’s a creepy horror soundtrack.

I sourced lots of creepy sounds from youTube and created a murderous cover-up scene set in the woods at night - or at least that’s what it makes me imagine! I overlayed some scary chords to add to the suspense. I did a lot of stereo placement by using the hard panned L & R trick, but this time I actually used two pairs of hard panned tracks (two L and two R) to make it easier for me to plan things and ditch things that weren’t working so well.


Warning, sleigh bells (and dodgy singing with too much reverb) within! Merry Christmas everyone.


Some great tunes in here already, and just the right length for my attention span, great battle idea @Edzilla!


@yoof youre too dope.


Cheers @KOHLBERG :wink: Yours is great too, love those drums - looking forward to hearing more from you :slight_smile:


Wow, got a chance to check in and listen to everything… really great tracks so far, keep them coming!


Hey guys ! Here’s my second track for this wonderful battle.

When I started
the day before yesterday I was rather on an ambient idea landing on a
planet after the space party, I even recorded some sounds outside …

I finally completely derived in a style that usually is not mine,
but it was very fun anyway ! So this is Star Disco, Meet Her At The Cantina !


And the third one, since I got the sh01, I didn’t really take time to play it as much as I wanted to…
This one is a full SH01 track, entirely recorded on the op.


Hey guys, here’s a third one from me. It started it’s life as an idea that didn’t quite gel with the track I was working on but warranted some attention of it’s own. It’s super stripped back and quite mellow.

(Really liking the format of this battle. When working on the op-1, I generally have so many little ideas that never really make the cut, but this battle s a way to give all those little outtakes some air time).


(Really liking the format of this battle. When working on the op-1, I generally have so many little ideas that never really make the cut, but this battle s a way to give all those little outtakes some air time).
I totally agree with that :). These “forgotten” little tracks need to be heard.
It also allows you to have fun with short session


I’m about to board a bus for 10hours… should have a few 1 min tracks to post after this :slight_smile:


I find it so hard to cram ideas down to one minute! This is good practice for me. I sampled some organistrum (wtf is that?) and even myself on a little guitar lick. Throw in some clumsydrums, dr wave tristar and some obnoxious CWO and you’ve got a one(ish) minute wonder. Boom!


Wow - cool track @KOHLBERG!


Man some more heatrock across this thread… @KOHLBERG that track was very Portishead to my ears. Dig it! Love the punchy drums from @yoof as well, has a really “open” sound to it that I dig


track 3 from me. these breaks is why i dig records. sampled and cut on OP-1. composed primarily from samples as such, but also includes OP-1 internal synths.

hope everyone enjoys some holiday cheer.

damn, this battle playlist gonna be hot.

Nothing like being away from home to drop a track ;)
Here is mine.


Hi everyone ! I bought myself an OP-1 for xmas and this seems like a great way to get to grips with it :slight_smile:

I love chopping up random speech samples, so having a sampler with a built in FM radio is amazing … even though i have to stick my head fully out of the window to get a signal.

Finally able to post this, which was made mostly on Christmas eve. It started with a totally rad horn sample and ended with me plugging my no-name bass that I've had forever (I don't even think it's made out of real wood) straight into the op-1 which actually yielded surprisingly good results. I also played an old Roland electric piano I've had forever (but never use) straight into the op-1 because I needed a good organ sound during the first loop. I even recorded some vocal one shot chops (via built in mic) by yours truly, pitched up considerably. Slow and steady drums provide the vertebrate. The CWO is a great, not-so-subtle effect to use during transitions to provide extra drama at the tipping point of the track. Cheers mates. I'm loving these posts!


Thanks for sharing the wonderful one minute tracks. I’m still learning, one day I’ll get there. A super short house track:


There’s some great tracks here!