Battle 51 – One-Minute Wonders

Hi everyone ! I bought myself an OP-1 for xmas and this seems like a great way to get to grips with it :-)

I love chopping up random speech samples, so having a sampler with a built in FM radio is amazing ... even though i have to stick my head fully out of the window to get a signal.

Hey I found if you stick a 3.5mm cable in to the mic port you get a great signal, works like an antenna

Hey I found if you stick a 3.5mm cable in to the mic port you get a great signal, works like an antenna

True! I usually keep a Volca sync cable in my OP-1 bag for just this purpose. (also makes plugging in a volca or monotron or other tiny portable thing for sampling easy - but I use it most as antenna. Super fun on cross country train trips!)

I should have something to post for this tonight. Made it last night. Didn’t like it - it threw me into the “I should just sell my OP-1 and lose myself in the eternal black pits of Eurorack!” despair. But this morning, it doesn’t sound so bad. I just didn’t have time to album it and get it off the machine ere I had to come to work. But now I’ve got all day to listen to all the other entries so far and hopefully not fall back into despair.


So, I snoop around here occasionally but have never posted anything. I loved the idea of this one-minute song thing so I worked one up. All done with OP-1 internal synths and factory drums. Enjoy.


here’s one dedicated to my lil device. my number 4 entry is made all from vinyl samples + internal drum kit.

happy new year everyone!


Here’s my entry 4. Lots of old funk breaks cut up into individual hits and re-sequenced as jungle style breaks. Raided youTube for samples and generally tried to cram lots of different ideas into the minute.

Happy new year!


So this is my first time posting here… been lurking for a while though, learned alot from reading you masters of the small format discuss. Still a lot to learn for me though!

I’ve been wanting to enter in a battle for a while but I’ve been bad at finding the time… but this format was too fun of a prompt for me so I ended up making all of the songs in a single day when I actually sat down to work on it… and that day happened to be January 1:st so it turned into a kind of mini-concept album EP about being hung over haha.

I’ve listened to every entry in this thread so far and you guys are insanely good at this! A bit humbled as I come here to share the fruits of my labour.

As I said I’m new here and I’m interpreting this line (“Enter each song with a unique title, soundcloud track and picture, and post.”) in the original post as that I should make 5 separate posts here for all the songs… so sorry for spamming if I misinterpreted that!

Anyways, Here’s the first track!
(for some songs soundcloud bugs out with editing information and pictures… no idea why)

I tried to have a different idea for the process on every track, on this one I had the idea that every track should be one improvisational take played without a metronome. The rhythmic stuff is some mangled radio-loop and everything else is internal OP-1

Drinking and spitting tea... Heartbeats, toilets, refrigerator doors, the kitchen fan... all horrible things to hear while hungover.

This was me wanting to some Pierre Henry inspired Musique concrete... although he would probably not have liked the amount of distortion and manipulation I was forcing the sounds through haha.


This was all internal OP-1 synths and drum samples. I wanted to experiment with having a loop running and then temporarily pressing record to “play” the punch ins.


This one I just learned how to copy and repeat stuff between locators, so I wanted to build the track on making hand-played loop for a good groove and then just varying it slightly. Only OP-1 internal stuff.

The basis is a one take improv with arpeggiated FM.
Then I added more melodies and the rhythmical layers from radio samples and some internal drum beats with the "punch in"-record method from track #3


These are brilliant @kflo! Loads of cool original ideas! Sounds like you had quite an NYE :wink:


Wow, I’m counting 24 tracks now!

Deadline is the 5th, is everybody good to go?


@yoof Thanks! Your latest youtube-jungle track kills me, so many cool little rhythms and moments you crammed in there

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Here’s another short little banger loop. I was trying to get that really hyped, blown-out speaker feel of playing parties with bad PA systems turned up full that I used to do in high school. I made the drum loop and ripping synth sound, then loaded up all my saved Drum Sampler moments where I had sung/spoken into the onboard mic, and pretty much just live-played through them to album.

This has been a great battle!


I almost didn’t post because some of these tracks uploaded already are so damn good, but the more the merrier right? :slight_smile:


You captured that blown-out speaker house party feel perfectly, @millbastard!

Loved the vibe in Summertime, @MirEko!

Great stuffs already.

Here's my entry. It's about one minute long but hardly a wonder :D

Warning, sleigh bells (and dodgy singing with too much reverb) within! Merry Christmas everyone.

Just listened to A Winged Victory For the Sullen. Beautiful stuff mate. Is it all op1 stuff?


Looks like I’ve only got one entry. Been too busy with other music things. And this one is noisy and strange, as per usual for me.

Heavy use of the more chaotic elements of the Iter synth. Inspired by Æ_LIVE’s openings and interstitials.