Battle 51 – One-Minute Wonders


Here is my 4th !
We continue to rush into space, where our acolytes land on a desert and arid planet reminiscent of our North African desert.


Ok I’m sprinting to the finish line here. It’s my fourth track, and ALMOST NEVER even existed, because… well, I almost perished this morning. I don’t know where you are all from, but up here in Maine (USA) we’re getting a ton of snow and it’s like at least -10 outside regularly. This morning my car started fishtailing in the snow and I went off the road on the right, but I could have easily gone into the oncoming traffic lane on the left (where an all-business Mack truck was coming at me head on). Scary shit. Luckily I’m fine, and even my car is too, but as soon as I got home I started working on this melody. Everything’s internal except for a break beat which is pretty buried now and some pitched up vocal cuts of myself singing “almost never.” This has been fun exercise over the past month. I know I’ve gotten a lot more comfortable with the machine and it’s been a pleasure listening to everybody’s creations. Happy New Year folks.


Here is my first entry. I liked the idea a lot, at least because I had about 5 one minute ideas on the tape tracks, but could not decide which one to “finish”. Here is one of these recorded with Ukulele. I tried to do a bass line recording in 200% tape speed and pitching it down.

Warning, sleigh bells (and dodgy singing with too much reverb) within! Merry Christmas everyone.

Just listened to A Winged Victory For the Sullen. Beautiful stuff mate. Is it all op1 stuff?

Not mine, but they’re probably my favourite band.

here's my number five.

very excited to hear this battle once formatted into a playlist. so many great tracks from you fellas. it's gonna be a challenge to vote, for sure.


Here’s my last minute second track :slight_smile:


@jshell omfg… that sounds so sick. great job!!!

and @quarantequatre so nice mood and great mastering and mixing. did not feel like that was just in one minute!


Here’s my fifth, messing with stereo.


OK everybody, I’m closing the battle. Great work!