Battle 54 - Soundtrack (Voting)

Battle 54 is done. Thanks for your submissions, very impressive all around. We have 4 very different, but all powerful, entries this time around. I think everybody captured the ‘sonic universe’ of their image elegantly. So let the voting begin, just write which track/artist you vote for in this thread.

SC refuses to show more than one track right now, so just click this playlist url:

arr… Sad I missed this one. partly because the shift key of my op-1 started to fail and its pretty irritating to work with it right now… gotta open it up and clean it today. Wish me luck…

My vote goes to Moonlit scents -Aurora, specially the middle and last part of the song, nice sounds, nice chords.

I vote for Aurora.

I started making an entry for this battle, but this was a hectic month and it just didn’t go anywhere.

I vote for A Pocket Operator - Budapest (Bit of a theme going here for me @flom ,wasn’t intentional :wink: ).
Strong entries everyone, well done.

Honorable mention to GLXYBOY — Sleeping under waves. My vote goes to moonlit scents — aurora, really cool composition arc and the power-session in the end made my day. @Gambler hope you have better luck/time next battle.

all great tracks, so hard to choose a favorite

my vote is for GLXYBOY in the end.

speaking of ends, is there a deadline for the voting to end?

deadline will be 6/14.

Nice battle ! Good tracks. I vote for dj_KLN.

My vote goes to Aurora. Beautiful vibes, great atmosphere, loved it.

Thanks for the votes and the winner is… @moonlit_scents - Aurora! Congratulations you get to plan the next battle!

awh wow thanks guys! i really didn’t expect to win, but what a pleasant surprise c:

i wasn’t sure i should vote as a contestant, but as an honorable mention my vote would have gone to budapest. great job, everyone!