Battle 54 - Soundtrack

Hi everyone!

I am honored to present the next battle. I hope this one will spark some creativity. The battle is about composing a cinematic soundtrack to an image of your own choosing. I found it to be a good way to create new sounds and ideas.


  1. Find or shoot an inspiring image that you are allowed to use (e.g.

  2. Imagine the image being part of a movie scene.

  3. Create the sounds/patches in the sonic universe of this scene.

  4. Compose a short piece that captures the story and emotions of the scene.


  • no external effects
  • no prerecorded samples longer than ~2 seconds
  • do not use your favorite scales or patches
  • final master done in the OP-1
  • post the image as well as your track (you can use the Soundcloud-artwork or just a link).

I would encourage bouncing to album and back again while squeezing the internal effects to the max!


Cool :slight_smile:

I like the “do not use your favorite scales or patches” rule

Great brief! What’s the DL for finished tracks?

Glad you like it! Would it be fine with one month to DL or do people need more time?

The deadline will be the 17th of May at 23:59 CET.

Great battle, I found it very difficult to write a cinematic sounding piece and I probably spent more time thinking of inspiration and images than I did making the sounds, this has been a very interesting experience, great rule set. Anyway… here is my not so cinematic piece.
(PS, My OP-1 was behind the fish tank… definitely not IN it :smile: )

I wish you chose a specific image or an actual movie. I always wanted to try and make a soundtrack for something, but choosing a subject myself and then making the melody is like playing tennis without a net.

@Gambler choose a random Instagram account, roll a dice :smiley:

I hope it will not come across the wrong way, but I did try out my own challenge and came up with this

@Gambler I understand your frustration. I thought it would be too restrictive to preselect the images. Maybe you could limit your choice to only one of these three:

@GLXYBOY great tune. I love the interplay between total glitch and beat sections! Nervewrecking wibes.

@mathelev thanks boss! This is only my second battle, but you guys are great, thanks for the feedback :smile:

Made the picture last year in budapest. The first vacation with the op-1.

Good tune @mathelev. Reminded me of the ‘spaghettification’ album by chocolate weasel. Just the sc picture doesn’t really match the scene :stuck_out_tongue:

hoping for an extension on the deadline since the site was down for a few days lol. i don’t know how cinematic i would call this one, but i at least wrote it to match the vibe of the scene

most of this song was created using sampled radio. used drum kits and FM too.

my island may be a fantasy, but if i ever achieve ownership of a private island, i’ll have some OP-1 distinguished episodes. you are invited! ha! gotta love it.

Hi everybody! So beautiful stuff and nice connection to the visuals! I think the site being down merits a couple of extra days, just in case. I will close the battle midnight Tuesday 22nd CET. Cheers.

Hi again. Battle is over! Now I have to figure out how to start the voting thread.

@mathelev Appreciate you taking time to narrow scope just for me, but stuff happened and I couldn’t muster inspiration in time to participate.

Nice track @mathelev!