Battle 55 Voting

(i’m a little late on this oops)

we’ve only got two contenders this time around, but they’re both excellent tracks! just think of it like… we had a tournament and this is the finals

dj_KLN - watch out (loop mix) :

emote - honey honey :

let’s start with a week for voting; current deadline is august 13. may end up extending a second week depending on how active the voting is

Hope you guys enjoy it, hoped there were more but still excited to see whats comes about. :slight_smile:

Emote gets my vote. Big fan of the creaky door droning sound.

Nice tunes both of you!
I love OP1 music when it’s done well and plays on its strength.


I haven’t had a chance to listen back to your tracks but I’ll cast my vote.
@emote -honey honey.
It was the small touches like EQ fade in and out that stuck with me.
Well done both of you for showing us how it’s done!

yea let’s give this a few more days, would like to get a decent handful of votes in before calling it

i’m not precious about it, and am happy to pass the win to @emote

would be cool to get a new battle going!

@emote Nice submission, love the chilled out flavour.

But my vote goes to @kln, because of the nice transitions between the loops.

Actually you have just reminded me that @kln stuck to the brief expertly.

Really loving the super chill and fluid vibe from @emote
Great selection of a vocal sample. You got my vote!

i’ll go ahead and call it here. looks like emote will be our winner this time. congrats dude! go ahead and plan the next battle c:

Congratulations to @emote and kudos to @kln

Hey guys! Thanks for all the support, its been a great initiation into the community. @kln that was a solid vibe.
I will have a think and get the next battle going over the weekend, thinling some oriental/indian samples.

Ja! Good idea, I have to make a new song…
Congratulations btw

@emote - congrats. very nice track btw. looking forward to the next battle.

@Spheric_El - i did stick to the brief. i didn’t use a DAW though, as rules allowed. just recorded live to Album, which was fun and a new challenge as i typically program most of my tracks on the Tape. i utilized the sequencers, and made some unique pre-recordings as Drum samples to replay live. it was a new workflow, for which i’m always eager to test and push boundaries.

@moonlit_scents - thanks for a loopy battle.

Congrats @emote! Also looking forward to the next battle :wink:

How long do we wait for @emote to draw up new rules? I’d hate to see a user with three total comments on this site derail a six year tradition.

I’ve been checking everyday :’( I just got my Op-1 at the last battle, so I thought I would play with it a bit & join the next battle…entered an sp battle…waited… started working on another sp battle…but I really want to do an Op-1 battle! I get that life can get in the way… if you don’t have time to post samples, maybe just make up some rules or something. Bring it on!

idk im pretty new myself so has there ever been a situation where a winner isn’t around to make the next battle?

i have been curious about the time passing too. i was very close to starting a “between the battles” thread, with a simple proposal:

  1. create a track only utilizing the OP-1 (sample, synthesize, mix, master)
  2. use something that inspires you, and when you post it tell us what it was and why it inspired you. (jazz music, star wars, robots, banging wooden spoons on plastic tubs, whatever)

no votes, no competition, but something to pass the time.


another idea would be to start a thread for battle ideas that “times out” in like 24 hours, then vote for which one to proceed with, only leaving the polls open for 24 hours.

this way in 2 days we could be rolling again.


not sure what to do if @emote returns for option 2, if #56 gets underway. maybe maintain the “eastern” vibe that was alluded to?

just some thoughts.