Battle 57 The old Synth you never use


Yea that’s crazy the scratchin was made with the cow. Great track @KOHLBERG & thanks for filling us in on your process!




Was able to scramble up another beat with another 25 cent piano tape and an old acoustic guitar. Also scratched up some old robot gibberish from an old retro sci-fi flick. Well, I never!




Two days left, and probably a little extension. I’m still working on mine. It’s halfway finished!

I hope to listen to some more entries, hurry up girls and boys! :*


I’m not nearly halfway finished but I might get something done in a couple of days…


Good to hear, I leave it open a few days!


Live is full, but I still love my op-1…




Yea, if we still have a few more days, I’ll work on something tonight. My family came down for Thanksgiving & I didn’t really have any time to work on this :confused:


Ok, let’s just say next Sunday!


Sth like one day left over.

Bring the noise!


I tried making a track for this battle since about two weeks ago. I started with a bunch of samples from some vinyl I’ve recently procured, and it was sounding dope, but I couldn’t quite find a way to combine my synth of choice (for this battle) into it.

So, I was like what the heck? I had to get that track done and start again. (I’ll post that track on the OP tracks thread and it’s called “soul crip” if you wanna peep).

Once I reset my OP & a new project ensued only a day ago, I happened to grab 2 incredibly dope and recently acquired vinyl records to pair with my Prophet, hence the 3/12’s title. It’s crazy what sometimes emerges serendipitously. I’ve dug through records sometimes for days looking for something that mixes as deeply. The whole track came together in a matter of hours.

Please enjoy or shred apart.


Still in the m[i/e]ddle of it, I hope my kids let me finish this today.


Here’s mine.
I used my old Kaossilator 1 plus the OP-1 engines. I called the song after a 75 year old friend who left yesterday to the south in his camping car…
Thanks @kln for your entry
looking forward to @motone 's track!


Funny, our tracks are going very well together
Nice one! @kln


And finally here’s my track:

I dug out my Grendel Grenadier RA-9, a quirky analogue mono synth, that I have bought some years ago and stashed away but haven’t used yet.

All sounds (except the drumloop) are coming dry from this synth, sequenced with its internal unique 4-step CV / 32-step trigger sequencer, synced to the OP-1 via OPLab + @darenager 's awesome SyncLab addon.
The drumloop is sampled from Sunstone “Midas Beats”, my last purchase on iTunes, chopped up in the OP-1 and processed through the NITRO effect.

Each track is more or less recorded in one take. All mixing and recording done on the OP-1, a pinch of SPRING reverb on the master plus compression via DRIVE.

The name is just an anagram of the synth’s name. :wink:

Thanks @mixrasta for this challenge!


Yeah, I got my entry on time !

Glad to be part of it, I really enjoyed playing with the Shruthi-1 : what a synth ! Plus it’s the very first I was pretty proud to assemble.
The key was the Novation 61SL mkIII I used to program it, makes it way easier not to need diving into menus !!
I also used the Rytm for drums, as I hadn’t used it for ages.
In-between the lines you’ll find some little noises taken from Richard Devine’s Sort\Lave album that really is a bottomless pit when it comes to find alien noises !
Everything recorded and mastered directly within the OP-1, that also plays its part.

Thank you, thank you @mixrasta I am so thrilled to have re-discovered my old little synth.
And the simple pleasure to record a track in the OP-1!


@Monotone I dig your track. This synth seems a b s o l u t e l y cr azy !
+You really maxed out the Tape with this one ! :smiley:


Supercool, we have your entries for this battle!
I’m going to set up the voting later this evening. If anyone still has something in the pipeline, I can add your track to the list!