Battle 57 The old Synth you never use


No not me. (A nasty cold got me.)
Made up there’s more late entries.


Hope so!


I misunderstood the “next Sunday” deadline, I guess it was actually “this Sunday”. Maybe it was a timezone thing :confused:

Good luck guys!


I could still wait a day or so. No problem :slight_smile:

Sorry for the unclear description, I’m not an English native. @Sharris

I also forgot about my own rules for the last music purchase. I will add that. :*


Aha next is next…

But I guess that if you manage to throw a track during the evening it won’t get refused :wink:




I updated my track with the samples :slight_smile:

LP by 3iO ‘’ Back to the roots (Serotonin fuelled Jazz Covers) ‘’
Three Italians, drums, piano, bass playing Triphop Downbeat evergreens in a JazzTrioCombo.


Nah it’s cool guys, thanks for offering tho!
It’s the 2nd round of an sp-forum tournament,
my tracks not done & it’s due tomorrow,
so I’ll just catch the next Op-1 battle :slight_smile:
I’ll be ready for it!!


wait a minute…a prophet is the “old synth you never use”?

@kln said:
…recently acquired vinyl records to pair with my Prophet…


@squiddly - yeah, it’s a DSI Prophet 12. i got it a few years ago on a hard-to-believe black friday deal. it’s undoubtably an awesome synth, but i rarely use it because whenever i turn it on, i typically just end up turning knobs and exploring the sounds endlessly & unproductively.


Really impressed with these tracks. It’s gonna be hard to vote!