Battle 58 - THE ODD BATTLE


here’s one more. this one is 6/8.


Killer tracks people :slight_smile: @KOHLBERG, your track feels really effortless and polished. @kln, loving your use of samples in these tracks, gives them a really professional feel.

I had a bash at another one. Not sure it really compares with what’s on offer here, but it was fun making it. When the beat comes in, it’s a slow 5/4. Up to that point, it’s ambiguous with a polyrythmic feel.


Fat 7 to 8! Mystic time with Op-1 and Whiskey at the hotel bar? :wink:


3/4 + 3/4 + 4/4
A lot of work, but finished! Nice battle idea! :slight_smile:


Nice @mixrasta :slight_smile: Was that inspired by China landing on the dark side of the moon? :wink:

I’ll chuck in a couple more. Both with food related titles to reflect how hungry I am.


That came by accident, but I’m always inspired by Asian stuff. Probably because I once studied Japanese at school @yoof

Like your tracks, they came out so easy light. I should use my drummachine more…


Some really interesting stuff is being posted here. I seem to notice improvement from those posting multiple tracks. I like seeing the progressions! I will try to get a second track posted here soon. Just shy of 2 weeks left to go!


Tried a 3/4 melodic Techno song


That’s a really nice progression @SebastianCrane! Very cool track and the end was a cool surprise. Here is my second entry. GLITZ. It’s a bit long. I was really jamming there for a minute! This track felt much more organic and flowed a little bit more naturally than my first. I believe it’s 6/4. The odd stuff kicks in a tad before the 2 minute mark. Just a reminder, the battle deadline is THIS Sunday, the 19th. We’ve had awesome results so far and I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve learned a lot.


Another two cracking tunes, @SebastianCrane and @KOHLBERG!

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I like the groove. I’m counting against 4 beats when I listen. Maybe time signature is a social construct?!?


Hi @Plague What do you mean “counting against”?


The funny stuff starts right at 1:09.

If you count in quarter notes, you’d count to 6 twice before the loop finishes. If you count in eighth notes, you should count to 4 six times before the loop finishes.

So I think you can write the same time signature in more that one way in some cases? I’m no expert but this is a good chance to brush up on this stuff.

maybe i shouldve picked an easier battle lol


I’m with you on the polyrhythmic loop. I’m no expert, but I think the rhythm section sets the meter which felt consistently 4/4 throughout.


Interesting. So melodic instruments have no effect on the time signature? Or, my drums are in 4/4 but my melodies are in 6/4? Man, I shouldn’t have smoked my lunch before high school band class! :dizzy_face: My entry can’t be voted for anyway haha


Actually I’m pretty sure even the drums are 6/4 from 1:09 onward. You should count 6 quarter notes before the drum phrase/pattern loops over. There’s a quick hi hat triplet on the downbeat of each phrase/pattern.

I am way too bored at work right now.


It’s fine for what it is odd… :wink:


I haven’t listened to all this wonderful music yet.
Is the deadline Sunday the 20th?
(my laptop has died for net use so would need to get it together with my mobile to post, not hopeful on that…)


Yes, the deadline is this sunday the 20th at, let’s say, midnight. On monday i’ll make a playlist with all the tracks for voting purposes. I hope you can work your magic @Spheric_El!