Battle 59 Voting

8 strong selections to choose from! Voltage and FM only with hand-rolled percussion. Please cast one vote for your favorite track. Votes to be tallied at the end of next Wednesday.

3 entries from @kln






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toss up for me between @beefinator & @KOHLBERG for the top vote. great tracks guys!

all very cool entries though…with great examples of both synth engines and drum sounds from the springy echoes of @merelysounds track, to the ambiance of @ssam 's track and its ghostly spirit, to the early electronic music vibes of @psound74 which made me reminisce about Pierre Henry and Jean-Jacques Perrey

ultimately i will select @beefinator for my vote.

obviously, i enjoyed these rules. so much thanks to the host @Lymtronics

All entries were a fun listen.

I liked @KOHLBERG’s melodies and track structure a lot, I enjoyed timbres in @psound74’s track, @ssam surprised me how this kind of mood is possible with OP-1 and I enjoyed how dynamic and expressive was @beefinator’s track.

I was most impressed with the rhythms, sounds and feel of @kln’s last track “hot boss”, so my vote goes to @kln.

All tracks were awesome in their own right (I especially liked @kln’s Thud Land) , but my vote goes to @beefinator . That track is an absolute masterpiece and blows my entry out of the water, IMO. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if I heard it on Adult Swim, and I appreciate that it’s on the shorter side. It’s instant replay material! Credit where it’s due! :grinning:

Totally echoing @KOHLBERG here. In addition to posting the message about the FM Algorhithms that gave me some ideas for how to better use the FM engine, @beefinator gave us all a super-slick & polished track that gets my vote.

(Honorable mentions to @ssam for the great water filled frying pan timbres and @merelysounds for the courage to go ambient & minimal!)



mine goes to @kln hot boss, quite liking the vibe. fm can make some awesome textured basses.

the engine really works well for the more ambient stuff here too, though
(you can probably tell, that’s less my style personally…)

Ok, voting’s wrapped up. Congratulations to all contestants for putting together a lovely range of Songs within the rules. Looks like @beefinator takes the win! On to the next battle!


woop woop thanks all!

new battle up already, was thinking about battle themes on my way back from work today