Battle 59



nop nop uploading mine now .-.


oop just realized I misread the rules on percussion…
(my percussion is half FM, , , half dbox, , , no sampler, , ,)


Definitely learned my way around Voltage and FM a bit more with this; they still don’t feel as versatile as some of the other engines, but there’s definitely a nice set of sounds you can only get through these engines.


If there is the possibility for expanding it to Tuesday, Wednesday I could finish mine until then.


Keep going! I won’t post the voting thread tomorrow.




Seems like I have a creative hole at the moment… I’m not sure I’m getting anything done. Better don’t wait for me. But thanks for the extra time @Lym.


Take care, creative holes come and go, there will be a new battle. Looking forward to your next track! :notes: