Battle 59

Welcome to battle 59.

Battle 59 rules:

-Voltage and FM synthesis only

-All percussion must be user-sampled in the OP-1

-Submissions must be recorded and arranged entirely within OP-1 and directly exported

Nothing too crazy, just a couple of somewhat challenging engines and homemade percussion. You can use the built-in mic or line-in to capture percussion sounds from any source, so long as the kits are created inside the OP-1. No presets or downloads, just fresh sounds. Anything from beatboxing to real drumming to breakbeats to drum machines is ok sample material, just nothing melodic or harmonic- that should be left to Voltage and FM.

Resampling of Voltage or FM is permitted using either the drum or synth sampler

Submissions due by end of day, Sunday March 3rd.


Sounds good, I’m in!

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oooh wheee! nice rules. i got some breaks recently on vinyl that are dying to be matched up with ye ol’ FM. added bonus to be able to use Voltage too!


Yes, nice rules. I have so many drums I was listening to but never sampled in the last time. I like voltage!


Yeah, I’ll try to take a stab at this too, it’s been a while since I participated in a battle…

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I’m in! I haven’t participated in a battle in forever. This should be fun!

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alright, now here we go!


Well done @kln. Edgy melody. I like it!

oo, my most used engines recently… probably will give it a go, still recovering from an every-day jamuary…

I never took part in a battle :slight_smile: I’ll try.
Is there a time limit/minimum?

The limit is the tape, so 6 minutes on high definition!

not sure if this is a multiple entry gig, but here’s another number,


oops. ok, so… I love these rules! I made another piece. it’s either intense or a hot mess. or is it as cool as a cucumber?

voltage & fm fill my OP-1 with joy.

…or gritty, deep and sometimes sensual pads that are amazing AF


Hello friends! Finally got a chance to work something up. It feels like more of a sketch to me right now, but i liked the side a take and it’s movement and freedom. It feels much less strict than my other materiali posted here, and you can definitely tell i’m having fun with this fun machine! Drums sampled from imaschine right from my phone. :nerd_face:


I couldn’t come up with anything reasonable, so I started playing with weird sounds.

I’ve started with three tape tracks, but I’ve used the “ear”, applied CWO based tape speed changes to drums and recorded that to the fourth track. During playback, this fourth tape track appears at random moments (triggered manually). Also in the middle of the piece I’m reversing the playback direction :upside_down_face:

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working on mine still, but I did finally realize how the FM algorithms relate to the visual…

It’s an isometric view of cubes on a plane. Each cube is an operator; the front-right row are the main carriers (the ones you hear), and the others are the modulators, positioned behind the operators they modulate (on this isometric-view plane)

So the algos in order are: (I believe)
r > w > g > b
(r + w) > g > b
((r > g) + w) > b
((r > g) + (r > w)) > b
(r > w > b) + (r > w > b)
(b + w + r) > g
(w > b) + (r > g)
(r > b) + (r > g) + (r > w)
r + g + w + b

Maybe? I dunno it’s hard to hear. Plus some of those algorithms (if they’re correct) aren’t the standard ones you see on most 4-op FM synths.
Also, some of those theories don’t have the base B operator as a carrier, which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense?

Another tip if anyone didn’t know: use shift+green to hit all of the available ratios (it skips lots of them by default)

Also, it sounds like the blue knob affects the level of the non-B operators (which could be carriers or modulators), as well as self-modulation of certain operators (turning sine waves more into sawtooth waves)


OK, long-time looker, first time battler here! Here’s an base track idea that’s been kicking around for about 7 years. All the warts are here, but as the rules state, all production in the OP-1! Drums sampled from my landlord’s Tama kit using the built-in OP-1 mic!


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here is some musique concrète kinda music, using the synths mostly for drones and the tape and sampler to process percussion sounds. I don’t know if I’m bending the rules a little by using a saucepan full of water as a percussion instrument (when perhaps its really a kind of hyrdaphone).


Anyone trying to put together a last minute entry? Need a couple days still, or should we close the entries tonight?