Battle 60 — REHASH / REMATCH


got an old ditty you really liked?
or an old project that just didn’t turn out the way you wanted?

Revisit like the oldest musical thing of yours that you can find. Keep these in mind:

  • dig deep! i know I can find >5year old original stuff no sweat, maybe >10 if i really tried. how long have you been making music?
  • old is gold! maybe the older things aren’t necessarily your favorite; if it’s not really your vibe anymore, perfect chance to change it up!
  • transform! use your new skills, new styles, new gear, whatever. see how far you can take it while still keeping the spirit of the original!
  • contemplate! tell us a bit about the context, and how you went about revisiting it. ideally you can also somehow share the original source/idea, so we can hear the comparison/contrast

no strict rules here this time

When voting comes around, let’s not just consider the final work, but also factor in the journey—i bet we can see some wild transitions…

deadline sunday apr 14 I guess?


All arranged in the OP-1, right?

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Yeah, arranged in OP-1, recorded to album. No restrictions on source material, of course.

And let’s say you’re allowed to do minor touchups post-OP1 (I like being able to throw a little EQ on if I happened to mess up the balance, so go ahead if you want)


Love this idea. I was actually just thinking about this idea the other day too, so it was meant to be. Looking forward to it!


Dude, you have no idea what kinds of horrors you’ve just unsealed upon SoundCloud and this forum. :slight_smile: I’ve been forever waiting for an excuse resurrect some abomination from the graveyard of my failed musical experiments. Now I have a perfect excuse: beefinator made me do it.


I’ll really try to do this one. It sounds like a ton of fun!


Good idea for a battle! I’m going to begin digging…