Battle #62 - No Drums

I was thinking about this time of year and how busy everybody seems to be during these summer months. The battle I posted yesterday may be a little bit daunting for some of us that don’t have as much time as we’d like to work on music, so I am altering the battle in favor of something a little less time consuming. Let’s focus on melody right now, and forget drums. I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a while. NO DRUMS. If you absolutely HAVE to have some sort of rhythm, use very light percussion or something, but keep it to a min. This frees up all four tape tracks for melodies and harmonies! You should also use your voice in some way on the track. It can be recorded in, mangled and unrecognizable or a subtle hum or whistle or whatever. Just use your voice in at least one small way. Upload to soundcloud and provide the link to enter. Let’s set the deadline for Sunday, August 12th at midnight!

Nice. Like a score.
Will give this a try.

whoops. I made a track based on the first rules, NO STOCK.

I’ll edit the post if it’s no longer valid.

Hi @kln! So sorry about that my friend. I tried to change it quickly before anyone noticed or made anything, but you beat me to it! I say it’s still valid.

Great track by the way. Loving the mix of instruments and ironically, i love the drums! Haha

@KOHLBERG - funny, I noticed because you had pulled out one of my old battle ideas and had tagged me…so I got the email notification.

it was cool, since I didn’t really remember the idea, and I kinda just went for it.

and yeah, I loaded up some non-stock drum kits, sampled a couple recent used vinyl acquisitions, and started banging away. it is completely contrary to the actual battle rules you have now. te-he-he!

interested in trying a non-drum track. although, it will be hard to avoid the temptation to use dem drums, after exposure to many more samples on the recent vinyl I’ve copped.

thanks for enjoying the track!

May we use some external FX ?
I’m in love with my Empress Reverb these days, and I feel it could meet some use :wink: