Battle #63 - Battle for the Eras!

Cooperatively brought to you by @psound74 & @kln

– choose an era from the Baroque Period, the Roarin’ 20s, the Dawn of the Internet (90s), to Modern, for example…or even brave the “future”

– sample, cover, or emulate the sound of that era –

Additional rule set – build your track including these parameters:

• keep it in the OP-1
• make at least one sound with your least known/least favorite engine
• make at least one sound with your best known/most favorite engine
• make a melodic track with drum sounds - samples and/or dbox (riffing off our last battle)

Submit your entry by September 31 at 11:59pm, along the International Date Line.


Cool ! Very nice brief.
Steve Reich for me, I already have the drums tuned for this… Pretty doable a Battle, but I got a collab project to deliver before :wink:

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Nice! I’m thinking I should do a Bach-core track.

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anyone working on something yet?

I’d like to participate, but haven’t worked on it yet, could we consider an extension to the DL?

Here’s my entry, to hopefully inspire some more :slight_smile:

I might have bent some rules here, but let me explain. My era is the late 90’s, famous mainly for ska-punk and reggaeton. So I sampled the former and imitated the latter.

The least known engine I have is phase, the best known is perhaps digital. Then I sampled myself playing the trombone - well, it’s not in the OP-1, but I did use the OP-1 microphone which is why (even though I stood 3 meters away from the mic) it sounds crunchy as hell. hope you enjoy it!


Nice one! Especially the trombone and the organ parts. Good for the late summer!
I began with some Sampling but couldn’t find a beginning yet. Hope for an extension, but there’s still time left anyways…

Here’s my entry. Realized after finishing it that it’s not quite according to the brief, so I’d say it’s not eligible for voting, but I thought I’d post it anyway.

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Love the trombone & the laid-back vibe!

Not morally opposed to extending the deadline a week myself but would like to have @kln weigh in too. Work has been ridiculous this week and my wife lost a close friend so i haven’t even started…

Glad there are a couple entries!

@psound74 - so sad to hear about your loss of someone close to your family. even though I don’t know you from Bob, sending my sincerest thoughts to everyone affected and seeking to find closure or heal.

in terms of battle deadline extension, well…it wouldn’t really be a battle without one.

Oct 11 pushes things just a week +plus. and perhaps leaves an open window for a succinct one week vote, followed by some new battle rules (before Halloween).

in terms of breaking battle rules…of course try to stay on course. using mic as a sample input is well within the “keep it in the op-1” rule number 1.

but the OP-1 is quite a little thing, and if it goes on a journey with you as you try to stick to these (or any future battle) parameters…I’d say enter at will. not sure it’s gonna break up a democracy or anything crazy like that. just be honest. we still gonna hold a vote on dem tracks.

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also here’s some fun made all on an op-1. era is “misunderstood”, so I guess…modern?

Dr Wave did get involved here.

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Good, I’m working hard on my entry! :slight_smile:

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oh shit. it’s not Halloween yet.

but guess what…less than a week to finish your track for this 63rd battle.

what if the stakes were higher? (no pressure)

OK, i’ve had a craptastic couple of weeks and would like to invoke the compassion of all uploading at 38min past the “deadline” - but it’s before midnight in CA, at least? (Too bad i’m in New York!)

If all are amenable, here is my slaptastic entry:

Genre: 80’s/90’s TV show theme…wrote this one back in college and a friend of mine who had a cable access political show used it as his theme. DNA for the opening bass sound, Voltage for the “bell at the end” FM for the clavi part and 2nd half sub bass sound, Cluster for brassy sound, and DrWave for downward arp and first plucky bass sound…all done in the OP-1, even the fadeout…too bad i omitted making a melodic sound out of drums :\

Thanks all,

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I suppose it’s time for a last call.

any last minute good sounds, should be posted by tomorrow end of day.

then maybe we should start the voting thread @psound74

sound good?

i concur…let’s say midnight UTC tonight then for any final entries!

Voting thread tomorrow (Oct 16)