Battle #63 - Battle for the Eras!

Cooperatively brought to you by @psound74 & @kln

– choose an era from the Baroque Period, the Roarin’ 20s, the Dawn of the Internet (90s), to Modern, for example…or even brave the “future”

– sample, cover, or emulate the sound of that era –

Additional rule set – build your track including these parameters:

• keep it in the OP-1
• make at least one sound with your least known/least favorite engine
• make at least one sound with your best known/most favorite engine
• make a melodic track with drum sounds - samples and/or dbox (riffing off our last battle)

Submit your entry by September 31 at 11:59pm, along the International Date Line.


Cool ! Very nice brief.
Steve Reich for me, I already have the drums tuned for this… Pretty doable a Battle, but I got a collab project to deliver before :wink:

Nice! I’m thinking I should do a Bach-core track.