Battle 64 - VOTING

The time has come. Battle 64 is done and there are 4 entries. I would have preferred 8 entries or 16, but I’m very happy that it’s a multiple of 64.

From @gentlemanhog:

From @kln:

From @mixrasta:

From @psound74:

Voting will close on Sunday night, 26th January!

Wasn’t 1964 an awesome year for music? I took the time to listen to more than a hundred tracks from this period, and it was an amazing experience to rediscover such jewels!

My own favorite was Nina Simone’s brilliant interpretation of Mississippi Goddam.
You can definitely see she was definitely not joking. Some crucial aspects were at stake, at that epoch.

@mixrasta I can still hear the bossa track you came from, bossa nova was a style I rediscovered while “preparing” this Battle…

Congratulations to everyone! @gentlemanhog your track gets my vote, for the Meat Beat Manifesto groove and the precision of your sounds! Very nice composition!

Yes, I sampled only the beginning of the song and the drumbreaks of course to get the percussion sounds. I usually cut out every single hit of rims, Hihats, Bassdrum and so on. Also every single tone and chord and then put them together in a new order. Always the most inspiring way for me to finish a track…
Maybe you will finish your approach as well? Soon or later…

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Thanks to everyone who has voted so far! Everyone else, you have until Sunday to enjoy the tracks and decide which is most enjoyed.

Wow, some great entries!

This was a tough call between @kln and @mixrasta for me. I think my vote is going to @mixrasta

Is there a voting “poll” or do we just vote like this in the forum as we used to?

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I have just added the voting poll in the first post.
That’s a first to me, I had never tested it before. Let’s try and use it :slight_smile:


Oh! Thanks @LyingDalai :slight_smile: I didn’t know about this either!

I almost got back into the battles this time, but alas not. Maybe next time. When we were doing it regularly in the past I found it very inspirational.
I was surprised it didn’t cause a battle series to start for OP-Z too, although I find the whole challenge of ‘producing on device to an album’ part of the charm of it all and that is unique to the OP-1 really.

Awesome stuff!

The theme of this battle may have seemed to be “easy”. But it was very difficult, I think. All four stuffs show really interesting postmodern/lo-fi-dadaist approach to that old music era, and I enjoyed to listen to them all. My vote goes to @mixrasta because his track picks up the authentic vibe significantly.
Great job, guys. You’re all OP-1 masters :slight_smile:

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so badass. so danco samba.

inspirational. @mixrasta brings the heat. when they strings hit. oh boy!

honorable mention to all others. but damn.

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@LyingDalai - this Nina Simone piece is amazing. one of my favs too, my friend.

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Even tho the track from @gentlemanhog is only a minute, it has a lot of scratchy information in it, very rythmatic and fun. Ha!
I like the wutangesque vibe of your track with the voice samples and fizzle.@kln Then the filtered drums and modern bounce are lifting it up to the
present time. My vote for you (as usual :wink:)
Also @psound74’s piece is nice to listen to with the jazzy drums and goldfinger skits. It’s more a collage showing unpredictable incidents for the ear of the beholder upside_down_face:

This was a cool battle again, very inspiring for me and I’m also very happy to got it on time.
Thanks for the votes so far guys!

Currently we have a TIE! Readers have until tomorrow night to continue voting :slight_smile:

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OK, it’s Monday already in Spain so time to close this voting thread!

Congratulations to @mixrasta who got 5 votes for bossa nova mastery:

Your prize is the high ranking honour of choosing the rules for the next battle :partying_face: :musical_keyboard: :partying_face:

Closely behind was @gentlemanhog with 4 votes!

Well done everyone for competing in what I think was quite a tough battle ! I actually didn’t have access to my OP1 when I came up with the rules originally, and only discovered later that wrangling a 64 step sequence is not at all straight forwards! :smile:

Here’s to a musical year 2020 for all.


Thank you very much to everyone and of course to @ssam the originator :cowboy_hat_face:
I will come up with the next battle and new rules soon!

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Congrats! Wasn’t sure if I was allowed to vote, taking part and all. :slight_smile:

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