Battle 65 in motion

Wow, many entries here. That is great!
Listen to them soon! :star_struck:

If i’m not too late, here is my entry “land o goshen”



And I love this one also :+1:

Alright, thanks for participating!

I think I could use an additional couple of days :kissing:

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Would be cool to hear sth from you. Extension is part of the battle :wink: if no one has no problem with it…

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And your track? Or did I look over it?

Ja, also mine… I actually began to… So maybe we leave it open until next Sunday!


Hey really enjoyed this one. I tend to get bored as soon as something start to feel repetitive, usually after two beats with sequenced music (with exemptions), so really enjoyed this one! Nice composition and arrangement :bouquet:

Thanks dude.
It’s my second track on the OP-Z. Love this little thing!

I’ll try to dust my op-1 !

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I also meant to post a track but got sick on the weekend! Please extend the grace period for me :pray:


I was working on a track with OB-6, fighting to create what I had in mind.
But Model:Cycles came on Tuesday, and I already have the basis to a good techno track ^^

Still have to record this properly, though.

Will be this Sunday…

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You can use the Models for your track, another Synth is allowed…

i admit i made another. we be movin about each other. stay safe out there.


I can deliver now!
It has a longer intro, but then I drop the beat :level_slider::control_knobs:


OK, got a little track.
It’s getting hard to mix in the OP-1, my workflow drags me away from it…
Still, was fun: glad I’m in.

All sounds from the Model:Cycles! Definitely a lot of crazy sounds to dial out of it. I’m getting some early silver boxes sounds, it’s pleasant :slight_smile:


Ok, I’m going to close the battle tonight and try to open up the voting thread. Thank you so far!

Thanks for your patience :sweat_smile: