Battle 65 in motion

Hi All! :helicopter:

Got the quick idea to have a track with elements of moving noises like a bike wheel, car, train or a running person sth like that…
so I would like to hear tracks in motion from you!

I could imagine sampling some of these sounds easily inspire for an idea of an interesting sounding piece :bike: ha!

  1. Sample/record the motion of your desire.
    it is allowed to use a field recorder connected to your Op-1, cause the on-board mic is hard to handle sometimes. Or just record from TV, YT, Vinyl or whatever.

  2. Another Synth is allowed to use. Would be cool to name it after.

  3. No limit of engines or sequencers inside the OP-1.

  4. Arrangement and Mix inside the OP-1 as always.

Due to Sunday 1.of March.
let it roll and get your kicks on route sixty fith! :upside_down_face:


:crossed_fingers: I’ll try to make it.
I’ve been missing these battles lately, haven’t dropped a proper track in months!


Sound like a nice ‘battle’… Since, I am a fairly new OP-1 user/owner and a non-musician…
I am not promising anything, but, I’ll see if I can come up with something.

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If you take part, it’s the best way to get to know your Op-1. Everyone does what he does!


I think, I will disqualify myself… for this battle(my first) and here is why…

1)I didn’t use the sound of anything in motion(I sampled Frank Zappa, playing the bycicle)
2)I forgot what the other synths/engines I used.
3)It’s only 1.16 min long

And, unfortunately because of work related stuff, I don’t have the time to make something new.

So, I guess it will be for next time… sorry.


@FJNA I don’t really see anything that disqualifies you much ^^
Drop your track anyway, who knows!

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Yes, Zappas bicycle sounds creative and has humor… The important thing is that the theme/rules inspire you to make music!


rules and guidelines can be inspirational. constraints can be pushed to limits. i haven’t stopped moving yet, since the day i was born.

this track follows my motions as i look around and see the world. slow rhythm or at a fast tempo. and in need of sleep to imagine another day…with all of you.


Even, I still think it doesn´t qualify for the battle… I like what I did. Simple and nothing special, but nice. As said, I have no idea what synths I used. I only remember, that by happy accident I pushed reverb on and left it that way. Hope you like it.


That is a great song, I love it. The mix between Hip Hop and Techno… super!

i’ll give it a go.
i have some of those library records with galloping horses, screeching cars and roaring airplanes. never knew what do to with them till now.
i’ve also got 'tour de france" and “trans europe express” and a whole box of trax records that say “move your body”, so this should be a piece of piss.

“I am just going to my studio and may be some time,” to paraphrase captain lawrence oates.

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dayum this one is so nice​:+1:t3::+1:t3:

Last week! Got to be working on it!!

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I sampled my friend’s bike.
Mine is in D, but his is in Gm, which is a better key.
a. bit…


Amazing :raised_hands:

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Love it! And you gave a funny description to :+1:

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Inspired by the Paris-Roubaix bike race … one of the most hardcore bike races in Europe, with lots of hard slippery cobblestones, affectionately known as ‘The hell of the north’ … I took a phone recording of myself cycling down some cobblestones closer to home, and perched this tune on top…

I was excited when ya said “Another synth is allowed” … I’m in love with a beat slicing patch on the Organelle called baby jockey and it makes an appearance in the background.


Cool… reminds me of Boogie Belgique.

move your body

samples: “touch and go”,
“Tour de France”, “move your body” and “we’re on the move”.
bass – yamaha reface dx synth