Battle 67 voting - Voting ends Saturday!

Here are the entries for OP-1 Battle 67!

Amazing stuff as usual. Here’s the voting poll!

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Lots of great stuff here, indeed!

@kln - your tune sounds like a Northern Soul classic! but just when I thought I knew what was going to happen in the tune, it turns out I had no idea :slight_smile:
@psound74 - what an adventure. yours is the award for using only the drum sampler and yet, having no drum sounds
@krautpoputopia - I liked this right from the start! what is that flute-like sample? Short and sweet and almost telling a story
@joeyfivecents - The vocal sample stands out in this, again this is a track where if I didn’t know, i’d have no idea that it was made using only a drum sampler
@Ellipsis - a very solid beat! the tape chopping sounds really natural here and great work with the vocal sample
@mixrasta - yours is the award for actually telling a story with your tune.
@squiddly - delivering on your name as always ! i’d dance to this in a warehouse
@vehka - now this sounds like a tune that was made using a very funky drum sampler :slight_smile:

I have no idea who i want to vote for out of all of these yet.


As always, great variety of styles vs rules here! My vote to @squiddly for bringing me back to my clubbing days, love it!

Honorable mention @vehka (even if you “broke the rules” your clav solo is awesome!)


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People! Exercise your right to vote!

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Great set of tracks. I’ll try to write some comments tonight. When does the voting close @Lawr?

Let’s say Saturday

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Here are my battle notes. I’m a bit tipsy when writing these, so forgive me the extra verbose style. :stuck_out_tongue:

Overall, easily the funkiest battle ever! Thanks @Lawr for inspiring this!

@kln - loved the intro, a great groove, OP-1’ified, and where you took the song afterwards resonated strongly with me as well – reminded me of the Vienna downbeat sound, which I’m always a sucker for.

@psound74 - you really embraced OP-1 effects here, which I always like, the battles are kinda about that for me. Also you take the track to these spaced-out Doorsy levels that was really cool. Great job!

@krautpoputopia - great groove, great vocal sample. Crushed it!

@joeyfivecents - another cool use of the drum sampler for vocals. Also the melancholic vibe of the track was really really good.

@ssam - The groove is very tight, and the samples sound great. I just wanted to hear a bit more progression to the song, for dramatic tension?

@Ellipsis - A killer drum groove along with the funky tape tricks. Makes me think of a funky club I’m walking in to, hearing the first track, and thinking, it’s going to be a good night. Great job!

@mixrasta - masterful use of samples. Drum groove is lovely and tight, the vocal samples are funky as hell, and the strings+keys build tension. Also: repetition. A real nice use of it!

@squiddly - Really nice old-school house vibe. Love the groovy percussion! Also the atonal use of samples really makes the track sound like it’s a B-side from 1990s. And I mean this in the best possible way! =) There’s a label that sounded like this… Nervous Records, right?

It’s really hard to pick a winner, but my vote goes to @mixrasta. Such a polished track!

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My favourite track is from @psound74 . Love the lush beats! Closely followed by @vehka and @squiddly, awesome rave tracks. I wish there was more than one vote to give…

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Congratulations, @joeyfivecents! A well-earned victory.

Can’t wait to see what you cook up for Battle 69!

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Thanks! I’m so glad I decided to get back into it after selling my first one. I haven’t touched a DAW since May! So many people to thank…OP Forums, Small Operations, True Cuckoo, Liam Killen, tiny_tracks, soulyft, JohnnyBGood, Red Panda, and anyone else that ever put out a tutorial video or answered a how-to-type question. I know we don’t win anything but it’s nice to be reminded of what a cool community we have here. Reminds me of the old FL Studio forums back in the day; everyone is just here to help for the most part. So, what happens next? And what’s up with Battle 68? You know I need explicit instructions. I’m old. Thanks again1


Congrats @joeyfivecents!

It’s up to you to come up with the rules for the next battle. Then you create a new thread for the new battle. See past threads for help/inspiration.

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A little homework. I’ll go check those out now.


Congrats here too!

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@joeyfivecents just heard your track on Small Ops… Damn :heart_eyes:
(PS @FLDPLN give some love to the OP-1 battles next episode, eh?)

Thanks! I was going back through my old album files backed up from my first op-1 and found that and honestly, I don’t know how I did (in 2014) and I guarantee I could not recreate that now. It’s crazy. Lot of bouncing and recording album back to Tape. I’m sitting here trying to figure out some parameters/rules for the next Battle…