Battle 68 voting

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  • infinitedigits - mountains
  • krautpoputopia - Kosmonopoli
  • french fry will - love and justice
  • Motone - American Youth/Together
  • kohlberg - Sixty Eight
  • dj_KLN - buns
  • nerwal - without a cause
  • Motone - eartha68

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Polls will close next Sunday at 6:15pm

Wow. Very good contributions, operators!
My vote goes for nerval aka @Lawr, beautiful track :slight_smile:

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I’m assuming I have to recuse myself from voting, correct?

Everybody was eligible for voting in the past battles, so why should you not be?

Well, I didn’t want to be presumptuous. I will cast my vote.

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@krautpoputopia very chill, relaxed atmosphere. have no idea what they are saying but i love listening to the rising/falling pad with that syncopated piano.

@frenchfrywill great selection of speech. the boombap synth sound in the beginning is cool. love the piano at the end. really amazing tone.

@motone this one really pushes, i love it. the tremelo on one of the sounds really makes it push harder, so great. the flanger/cow on the end is a great addition

@kohlberg these drums! these drums! these drums! how!!? (seriously, how did you do that?) they are so glitchy and never lose the beat. totally incredible. great hip hop vibe.

@kln i love the mix of the hard drums with the softness of the harp. the vocal samples of singing are a great find and really mesh well with everything.

@Lawr such a great lofi vibe. that choir vocal with the speech is so good - its like a beautiful pad on its own. glad you gave it so much space. its so good.

@Motone this one pushes too, its like a cool organic techno vibe and i love it.

everyones entry is great, loved listening to them. i listened to all of them multiple times :). gotta give my vote to @kohlberg and those drums lol


Only 12 hours left!

EVERYBODY is invited to vote!

Looks like we have a tie. What’s the protocol here?

Congrats @KOHLBERG and @frenchfrywill!

@joeyfivecents In case of a tie, the winners can decide which of them hosts the next battle, or they can do it together. :wink:

Oh shoot! I didn’t get to vote! My apologies for my slackiness, i’ve had a rather busy but great week, full of some much needed family time and haven’t been using much technology. I’m a little confused though… who did i tie? Whoever it is, i vote for them! Haha i am honored to even have received a vote, but i feel unready to host or co-host a battle right now. Too much going on and i don’t want to half-ass it. I am grateful though. Hopefully i can create something for the next Battle, whatever it may be!

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Hey thank you all for the votes and congrats to @KOHLBERG! My man has already bowed out from hosting so I guess it’s up to me, ha. Forgive me I’m very new to the forum. Are there any specific rules (other than making it on the beloved OP) that need to be included? Timeline? Thanks again ya’ll!


You can browse previous battles if you need some inspiration or want to see what can be done.

Just look back through all the Battles and you will be able to figure it out. That’s what I did. There doesn’t have to be a theme or a focus on a certain function of the op-1 but a lot of past Battles do have this. It’s really totally up to you. Whatever you do, don’t put a bunch of pressure on yourself and just have fun coming up with it.

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