Battle 77 - pointy disco funk!

Hi all, thanks for the votes, here is the brief for Battle 77 - pointy disco funk!

Standard rule: all recording, mixing, and mastering to be done in the OP-1. Normalization and one edit on each end (e.g., a fade in or out) in the computer or phone audio editor of your choice but no sneaking in FX or dynamics from the computer!

i’ve been thinking a lot about pointillism (e.g., Georges Seurat, etc.) and hocketing (original medieval vocal practice of having different singers voice different notes or parts within a musical phrase) - try your hand at this, maybe the Tombola sequencer panned one way against another line/synth sound in Endless panned the other way?

1977 was the thick of the disco era; even James Bond soundtracks were subject to its influence (witness “Bond ‘77” from “The Spy Who Loved Me”) - add some disco flair! Pitch swept drums, high strings, open hi-hats on the “ands”, etc…

1977 was also pretty funky! Get Parliment on your track!

Length is composer’s choice up to the 6 minutes of the OP-1 tape/album!

All internal OP-1 synth engines/samplers allowed. If you must, one external instrument allowed, but must be recorded into the OP-1 tape and/or album!

Bonus/optional challenge: do some or all of your entry during your commute (no OP-1 and driving/biking, safety first!) or some other place than your usual studio space!

Deadline is 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time Nov 2nd

Get crazy, funky, dance-y, and have fun!




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@lazaruz4 - meme on point!

I started out disco-y, it then got into some trap-disco combo thing. Hope y’all like it!


do you get my point?