Battle 77 - pointy disco funk!

Hi all, thanks for the votes, here is the brief for Battle 77 - pointy disco funk!

Standard rule: all recording, mixing, and mastering to be done in the OP-1. Normalization and one edit on each end (e.g., a fade in or out) in the computer or phone audio editor of your choice but no sneaking in FX or dynamics from the computer!

i’ve been thinking a lot about pointillism (e.g., Georges Seurat, etc.) and hocketing (original medieval vocal practice of having different singers voice different notes or parts within a musical phrase) - try your hand at this, maybe the Tombola sequencer panned one way against another line/synth sound in Endless panned the other way?

1977 was the thick of the disco era; even James Bond soundtracks were subject to its influence (witness “Bond ‘77” from “The Spy Who Loved Me”) - add some disco flair! Pitch swept drums, high strings, open hi-hats on the “ands”, etc…

1977 was also pretty funky! Get Parliment on your track!

Length is composer’s choice up to the 6 minutes of the OP-1 tape/album!

All internal OP-1 synth engines/samplers allowed. If you must, one external instrument allowed, but must be recorded into the OP-1 tape and/or album!

Bonus/optional challenge: do some or all of your entry during your commute (no OP-1 and driving/biking, safety first!) or some other place than your usual studio space!

Deadline is 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time Nov 2nd

Get crazy, funky, dance-y, and have fun!




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@lazaruz4 - meme on point!

I started out disco-y, it then got into some trap-disco combo thing. Hope y’all like it!



do you get my point?


Still a few days left y’all!

While i know no one is supposed to vote for me and i can’t win since i won last time, i went for it anyway…i sampled bowing my piano myself for the last pad that comes in on the right channel…

Enjoy & get those entries in!!!


the last track might have had bells ringing. was that the point of that track?

and now for some going back, and at last getting to the direction set forth herein.


Any chance to give 2-3 more days ?

My Op-1 is still on repair…
Can’t wait for it to return!

Deadline extended to 11:59pm EDT Saturday Nov 6th



disco soup. sup?


I was somehow able to make my battle entry today. It came out a bit more daft punk than disco but it was a fun challenge. I tried to emphasize the “ands”, and I desperately wanted to EQ it in Logic, but didn’t. All op-1 baby. The title comes from an old saying that disco is a remedy for ghosts. Whatever that means.


Thanks for the battle rules @psound74 !
I went for full bonus points; did all the music making while commuting. Started out with chord sequence and a simple 4 on the floor beat. Then added a dirty bass. For the top layer I was inspired by your pointillism metaphor; used the arpeggiator with a sample which was from earlier work, then used LFO on sample start to make it glitchy / pointy.
Looking forward to listen to the other entries!


Got it. Only Op-1 in use. This time I didn’t even master anything. Just direct from the tape!
Commute parts are only done in a few minutes on the train :wink: so not to mention really…

Was fun and turned out to be kind of an YMO-Sound…


Nice composition and arrangement!