Battle 78 - voting thread

Hi all,
Time to vote! Sorry for the delay. Here is a playlist of all the entries:

And here for the vote, you have to vote 3 times!

  • dj_KLN - moon out, sunny day
  • Grady Nickel - OP1 forums Battle #78
  • Jonathan Nemargut - Humsong
  • psound74 - 211209-battle-078-voyage-virtuose-variation-i-side_b
  • psound74 - 211209-battle-078-voyage-virtuose-variation-ii-side_a
  • dj_KLN - buzzy ear
  • dj_KLN - deeds done

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Thank you for all the great submissions! Hope you enjoyed.


I voted!

Deadline for the voting: 6th of january! Noon european time

I voted! Guess I should’ve used joeyfivecents instead of my real name. Probably not too difficult to figure out though.

Closed the voting, @joeyfivecents (Grady Nickel) wins!


Congratulations, buddy!!

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Wow! Thanks! That was a fun one. New Battle forthcoming. EDIT: not to sound like an Oscar acceptance speech but I really wasn’t expecting to even come close. Lots of great entries as usual.

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Great entries everyone! I didn’t make it in time to vote, but well deserved victory. i wanna shout out @psound74 for the side_a tune as well, I enjoyed those lazy drum fx and I don’t think it deserves to be at the bottom of the list :slight_smile:


Agreed. Pretty sure I voted for that one.

Still trying to come up with an interesting Battle brief. I haven’t forgotten about it. Just checking in. Hope everyone is well.

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If anyone has any good Battle ideas please message me. I’m drawing a blank here. It’s still on my radar but I’m not coming up with anything original here.

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For battle #79, you can draw some inspiration from

  • the year
  • the time signature (7 then 9, rather than 8+8)
  • a synth engine in particular
  • a sequencer in particular
  • some trick you appreciate in OP-1
  • turning it into an Elektronauts hip-hop battle :wink:

So @joeyfivecents & @LyingDalai, how about y’all make it official with a new thread and a deadline?

I am only giving suggestions, the keys are in @joeyfivecents’ hands :wink:

Work is killing me. Coming soon I promise.

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