Battle #79 voting

  • psound74- strummin’
  • Mariolante- Fly Off
  • jontomato- Excellent
  • kln- G Tune
  • Mariolante- Smoothie
  • rocksoul- Turn to a better side
  • vehka- Space Tennis

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All of the entries were superb. The polls are open. Good luck and thank you for your contributions!


Guess i didn’t make the cut? (On my phone i see 6 entries in the playlist - all except mine)

Please advise & thanks!

@psound74 I see yours listed

I think @joeyfivecents just forgot to add you @psound74, since yours was the only entry on Bandcamp. Hey Joey, can you add Patrick’s entry to the first post as well?

I couldn’t get it on the playlist but he is in the voting. I will try to add it to the post but, you can still vote for the song. EDIT: added!

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Polls will close Friday at 11:59pm.

@psound74 you should definitely sing mode often. You have a very nice and well controlled voice :wink: Your track was very close to be my favorite.
@jontomato I really enjoyed your vibe, thanks for the ride.
Congratulations everyone! It made me want to use my guitar again and introduce some bits in my tracks…

My vote goes for @Mariolance, your solo totally got me by surprise! I used to play like this, lots of 70’s wah… Your track reminded me some cool memories.


Lovely tracks y’all… Especially enjoyed Mariolante’s acid jazzy pieces… hot damn!

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@LyingDalai Wow thanks for your feedback! I am happy that you liked it so much.
Gonna record more 70s vibe Wah stuff for ya :blush:

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Congratulations @psound74 ! You are the winner with a really cool track! The torch has been passed. We will be waiting with bated breath for your battle brief for #80. Thanks everyone for participating. I hope we can keep these going and keep trying to attract more participants. In my opinion it’s very important for this community.


Yeah @joeyfivecents , i totally agree with you. This is so important for the awesome OP-1 community. You guys here are kikin’ it!


Congratulations @psound74!
And everyone who participated!!

I got my OP-1 back, can’t wait for next round :+1:

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Thank you all! Totally wasn’t expecting to win with all the excellent entries!

Will start thinking of some new rules and post them soon!!!


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Congrats @psound74! Yeah forum battles rule! Looking forward to the next one.