Battle 82 Voting

  • dj_KLN- at least one minute of dirt
  • John Glib- Frefas
  • Solar- Miami Heist
  • Near Tao- Some Dirt
  • psound74- distortion-i-side_b
  • DeadZeplin- Lumaglow
  • Chris Briejer- What are you waiting for?
  • SJ Gambler- Dirty Business
  • dj_KLN- one thing. two things. three things, 4.

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I counted 9 entries. Let me know if that’s incorrect. Now go and exercise your right to vote! All entries were superb so it’s gonna be really hard for me to choose. Good luck everyone and thank you for your patience!


Voting will close Monday, August 29th. Let’s try to get some more voters somehow.

We have more voters than participants for once so I count that as a success! Well, going into Monday we have a tie. Let’s hope we get a couple more votes that will put someone over the top. I may end up extending voting until Tuesday. Til Tuesday (80’s one hit wonder) who had a hit song I’ve always wanted to cover. I wish we could do a Battle that was all cover tunes. Probably too much trouble but that would be cool. Okay I’m rambling now. Good luck to our top two tied artists. I will check back soon. Everyone get the word out. I myself went on YouTube and asked people to come vote. It only takes a second. Trying to make these Battles and this community into something special.



sorry for voting late. not sure I split the difference.

Thanks for being a great host @joeyfivecents!

Voices Carry is a great tune

solmare- Miami Heist is our winner!! @scott.manka congratulations!


Good job Scott, that was a banger!

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Congratz @scott.manka enjoyed your entry a lot. Great sounddesign

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Thank you so much everyone!!! That was a fun one.

Can’t wait for your rules for Battle #83


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