Battle 84: homage

paying homage to the amazing producers that have helped artists bring their music to people around the world

guidelines for this battle:

sample or base your track on any of the works of a single outstanding producer that you admire (Brian Eno, Phil Spector, Nigel Godrich, Ted Templeman, David Axelrod, etc)


  1. produce your track on OP-1 or OP-1 field
  2. one additional piece of gear is allowed to enhance the track

bonus points: create something using materials or inspiration from the year 1984.

submissions due New Years Day 2023


I like it.

i like it too.
The biggest gap in the music i like is 1984 … :smiley:
But i take the challange!

let’s go then!

bumping this up.

anyone working on something? who did you choose to get inspiration from?

I’m glad you bumped this. I didn’t see it. I have been meaning to get back into the battles, but time always gets away from me!

I‘ve tried but christmas time is a busy time :slight_smile:

there is still time!!!

I’ll have something by the deadline.

in case you are out there, this battle could use a winner.

out of the tens of dozens OP 1 Field Units. you are telling me.

who else dares?

I know we had forever to submit something but, I could use an extra day.

sounds good. let’s extend the deadline. say a week to Jan 7

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bumping one more time, before the deadline.

maybe if you submit a track it will be the only one, and you will win!

no entries yet. be the first!

I guess some battles are endless.

I didn’t expect this one to end quite like this. is this the last post, or just a dream?

officially changing the battle 84 challenge to how many jamuary 2023 tracks can you post by end of Jan.

winner take all. congrats @psound74

Thank you @kln!

i think having a Battle going during the holidays is always tough given everyone’s family commitments!

While not all of my jamuary entries were just OP-1, a few of them were and a few others featured it!!!

Will post Battle 85 rules soon!


Yes I tried but ultimately because of the holidays, couldn’t get one done. I’m looking forward to the next battle and will do my part in promoting it. Bring it on!