Battle #86: The Microbattle - VOTING THREAD (open to all)

Thanks to everyone who took time out to make a tune or two for Battle 86. The world is a better place for all these creative contributions.

That said… now we will vote for who takes the crown as battle winner.

Here’s a playlist of all the entries:

And here’s the vote!

  • dj_KLN - partial information
  • psimyn - 23apr19
  • psimyn - 23apr22
  • psound74 - sonic shrapnel
  • psound74 - adding to the narrative
  • Grady Nickel - Battle86

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As always I forgot to point out when voting closes. Sunday 14 May. But you should already listen to the tracks and vote as soon as possible :slight_smile:

Giving friendly feedback on the battle entries is also very welcome if you have time for that!

Thanks to everyone who has listened and voted so far - 3 more days left!

Ok, we have a clear winner with 50% of the vote:

@psound74 with “Sonic Shrapnel”

Here it is again:

Thanks to all of you who participated by making tunes, listening to them, and voting. I hope we can get more folk voting on future battles - this thread got 101 views but only 6 votes ! We have serious “disenfranchised voter” issues on the forum.

Congratulations to @psound74, hope you have a nice idea for the next battle! (Your first one since… battle 80?)

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