Battle 88 - Keys

Simple single rule - make something with some keys in it. Preferably something piano-sounding, or any keyboard you’d like.

If you don’t have one, here’s pianos. Otherwise any other instrument with keys of any kind, or jangling car keys.

Submissions due Aug 18, midday UTC.

Have fun!


i’m in and apparently just before the deadline?

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Maybe an extension might be nice for some…finished overdubbing the lead while walking OFF the Subway tonight just in the nick of time.

My own samples of bowing my 1915 Munn Cabinet Grand piano and high octaves on a Steinway baby grand in the Village by our house. STRING|PIANO-PATCH does most of the heavy lifting with some Rhodes through PHONE, CLUSTER strings, ITER bass, and DR WAVE on lead and sparkle for some fun rounding out of the sonic palette.

key of Cb ||: I | ii | I | ii | vi | V | V/VI :|| @148bpm #OP1


P.S. - also SoundCloud link for playlist-ing later…


Thanks @psound74!

Deadline extended to the end of the month.

I had meant to get some non-entries up but the month has got away so far… Will get some up soon

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Here you go! Great timing. My last one just happened to be keys. Not the most polished, but I still really like it.


Is that an OP-1 Feild? Sounds great! Nice composition and sample(?) !


Thank you! Regular OP-1 but recording audio from an electric piano.

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Final day to get something done!

Will close it for real when the weekend is over for everyone.

Voting thread coming soon to a forum near us?

Enquiring minds want to know…