Battle 91 - Animal Battle


So, since I’m a bit pressed for mental power currently, I went and found a lovely post @kln put together almost a decade ago with a bunch of battle ideas and found this one that resonated with me and sounds like it would be a hoot! (pun unintended!)

-Animal Battle-

  • Boring Rule(s):

    • All recording, mixing, & mastering to be done in the OP-1 or OP-1 Field
    • Normalization, fading in, & fading out in a DAW or audio editor of your choice is allowed.
  • Fun Rule:

    • You must use an animal sound sample in your track.
      (bird chirping, dog barking, whale song, crickets, etc.)

Cool! When’s the deadline?




Let’s shoot for 7/31 with a hard cutoff of 7/7.

That gives plenty of time and even a potential 3-day weekend for those in the USA.

Wow - I’m not sure what was going through my head when I thought that up…

Let’s try that again…

How does 8/4 - with a grace day of 8/5 sound?

Also open to any suggestions :sweat_smile: