Battle Scraps (31)

In what has become a time honoured tradition (twice now) I’m starting a battle scraps thread. This time for Battle 31 (Telephone-Cwo).

It strikes me that probably loads of good ideas hit the (virtual) cutting room floor, so if you have a loop / phrase / riff / accident / disaster / or indeed ANY supplementary material derived from the process of battle 31 - please post it here :slight_smile:

Here’s a quick beat juggle(ish) thing achieved by holding shift and muting/unmuting 2 tracks at the same time, hard re-triggering and also shift-skipping the loop points and pressing play for pickup mode.

The video of the process:

Not sure if embedding youtube works the same as soundcloud, but here goes. This is @Servando 's video of his mixdown. Very cool!

EDIT: Yes, yes it does :slight_smile:

EDIT: Removed embedded video. Haha @Servando beat me to it, thanks dude :slight_smile:

U welcome! :slight_smile:

@HelloOperator, personally, I really like the beat. Why did you scrap it?

Made this under the same rules right after posting the submission. It probably would be a better entry, but since I wasn’t clear enough about which one I prefer…

I don’t know what
the hell this is, but it was super-fun to make. One try, no pondering
about effect or synth setting, no tweaking and pure OP-1. Better yet,
while there is tons on keyboarding mistakes–I really should spend some
time practicing actual playing–they sort of blend into the overall