Begginer questions

Hi, after few days enjoying the OP1, I have some questions cannot find in the manual:

  1. How do I remove the tape loop marker (green circle) I loop is disabled?
  2. How can I play the keys in sketch? keys only works when exiting
  3. Is there is some automation you could do? i.e. loop this segment for N times (like in a pocket operator pattern sequencing), control the pan and volume with keyframes and such?


Definitely in the manual but:
1 - shift+3
2 - the sketch plays the keys I think (not an experienced sketch user)
3 - sequencer button (shift + sequencer button to choose something other than sketch)

They are not in the manual, I checked and tried every section of it.

I am gonna answer my own question just for reference if someone wonders:

The green circle cannot be removed

It is not possible to test the keys inside the sketch (i.e. the whole sequence triggered in a different pitch) without exiting

There is no automation like in Logic Pro or ableton, but you can record some automation-like things i.e. from the accelerometer applied to an FX with the LFO options.

Just had a spare minute to check. My loop circle disappears on TAPE mode when pressing 3 and deactivated the looped section (not shift+3, my apologies). When I press SAMPLE or SYNTH then press SEQUENCER button to sequence that engine and then bring up SKETCH, I just now got little white dots along the vertical axis and the sound of my samples when pressing the keys. If these two things aren’t happnening then there is another issue, I don’t know what, others can now chime in and help you.

You’re right it doesn’t have DAW-like automation on TAPE. And have fun!

Oh! Just worked out what you mean about SKETCH. Play the sequence: shift+ turn orange knob clockwise to HOLD (plays the sequence without having to pitch it with a key)

Yes I know, but it is useful to test different pitchs :confused: thanks anyway