Beginner seeking lessons on OP-1

Middle-aged analog musician here. Would like to hire an even slightly more experienced OP-1 user for some lessons, to be completed online over FaceTime or similar. Charge me an hourly rate that would motivate you.

US eastern timezone, but flexible on timing. No experience as a lesson instructor needed… I’m an educator and can help with structuring.

I would love to help you.
But not before two weeks I fear…

I can help aswell. long time op-1 User. :fire:

Hey Vasquare,

Welcome to the community.

We have a youtube channel that covers the OP1 and similar devices. We are developing tutorials for the OP1 to be released in the near future. Be sure to subscribe for free tutorials!

Here is one of our videos:

We could do private lessons as well.

Congrats on getting an OP1, we hope you enjoy it!