Behringer uca222 > ipad (+Op1)

Anyone using one of these cheap behringer interfaces? Work OK with ipad on bus power? Sound quality/noise OK?

Any better recommendation for new alternatives at similar price/size?

Beatmaker 3 drops this week and looking to velcro a little ghetto ‘poor man’s MPC Live’ together on a board…

Also does anyone have any advice on being able to connect Op1 midi to ipad at same time as interface? Is there some kind of USB splitter adaptor thing out there somewhere that’d work for this? Or is usb power an issue and need to use a powered hub?


UCA202 or UCA222 both work great with OP1. You do need a powered hub to run that and OP1 USB into your iPad in my experience. If you want to be mobile use a battery pack and a Y splitter USB cable.

Cool, thanks dude. Sounds good. I’ll look at rigging something up.

the new(ish) CCK’s from apple have an extra lightning connector

to power/charge your phone/pad + anything u plug into the USB (hubs, devices, etc.)

my only gripe w/ the UCA’s is the ridiculously long usb cable that is attached to the device.
only a personal preference tho, i like to keep my cables short and tidy.
esp for a mobile rig type situation.
otherwise is a nice sounding interface for the $$$.

atr2usb is a nice alternative. and i like the plugable one too.
doubt u will notice any sound quality difference between these and the behringer.

The Behringer is good in my experience, slight annoyance that it’s RCA rather than TRS. Also yeah you can’t get midi in and out without a powered hub.

Thanks for the info/tips peeps :slight_smile: