Bend opinions

Just got my OP-Z brand new from a seller on Amazon and was disappointed to find there is definitely a slight bend in the unit. There doesn’t appear to be any sign of the other common issues (note retrigs, encoders popping out) but of course those may develop over time.

I’m wondering how bad this bend looks compared to other units that have the issue? Is it bad enough to return (or file a warranty claim) or is this pretty much as straight as they come?

Mine is straight, I would return it right away. That doesn’t look good.


I just got mine Thursday and it’s bent a little but not that bad. I’m on the fence about sending it back but I don’t even think they cover it, do they? If I were you, I would send it back.

That looks pretty bad. Mine is roughly the same but it developed the bend over about 5 months — it was perfectly straight out of the box and I probably would have returned it had it been bent.

That said, if you’re not having retriggering issues, it’s worth asking yourself how much the bend bothers you. For me, I don’t notice the bend at all in regular use, but I notice the double-trigger on my lower F key andthe unstable trigger on my Track key almost every time I use the unit. I counted myself lucky because I got a straight unit with stable dials but now I wish I had made a bigger deal out of the shifty buttons…

It bothered me enough that I went ahead and returned it. After spending that much on a device, it really seemed like it shouldn’t look like that. I also discovered two of the encoders had sticky spots that would snag every few turns.

I’ll try picking one up again in a few months after they’ve hopefully sorted out the issues.

Mine has only a month and a half and is also slightly bent like the one in the picture, specially on that corner, the one with the power switch, luckily no re-triggers although encoders do start to pop out.

Over all it doesn’t bother me because it works well for now, but I did buy it in thomann for their 3 year warranty policy, so if it starts messing with me Ill return it.

Also I wouldn’t count on TE fixing their manufacturing, they haven’t change anything for 2 years, why would they do it now…

They replaced mine under the warranty due to curvature. The current one is only slightly bent, I have low expectations. W00t warranties.