Berlin operators?


Any Berlin operators on here?

I’m coming to Berlin in June, for three weeks. The OP-1 will be at my side.

Would love some tips on synth stores, cool gigs or to have a jam sesh with someone!

Will arrive around the 10th of June.

Hey, I’m in Berlin! Unfortunately, I’m going to be really busy during that time with the end of school, so I’m not going to have time to hang out. However, if you’re looking for synth stores, we have JustMusic here in Berlin, and it calls itself the largest music store in Europe. They actually have a pretty decent selection of synths, and you can play with all of them.

Electronic Star on Kantstrasse has a few synths, and they really focus on DJing stuff. Super nice staff, and they actually have Pocket Operators in stock.

I know @mixrasta is an operator here, and he’s a DJ, so perhaps he can give you some tips too.

Enjoy our beautiful city!

Hi Mr. ted!

Thanks for the info! Sorry to hear about the end-of-school crunch, but if you’re getting those teacher holidays after that… Well :slight_smile:

Will check out JustMusic and Electronic Star. Besides that and OP-1 sessions, I hope to do some running, lots of eating, and some drinking – can’t wait.

Hey Josker,

i gonna play my op-1 in a live project called “la muerte roja” on June 28th at UrbanSpree. It will be a festival with a lot of acts. It would be nice to meet you there, i gonna provide more details asap, stay tuned :wink:


Hey, I’m deejaying on the 12th of June at Bar Fahimi at Kottbusser Tor the whole night, you can also pm me here and have a meet. Also Schneiders Laden (analog, modular, small company stuff there) is right next to the Bar…


pm me if you like, and let’s see if we can arrange something :slight_smile:

hey! i am in berlin as well.check Schneiders Laden for sure, it is amazing!!

@mixrasta i work right next to kotti so will probably go there to see you dj! :slight_smile:

Whoa, there’s been lots of activity so far :slight_smile:

@discofuturissimo - @mixrasta - @anr@brunogola - will get back to you guys! Looking for something pretty laid back. Bar Fahimi I’ve meant to visit, so I think I’ll have to make an appearance :slight_smile: