Best case ever!

Grabbed this case off of Amazon for 9 bucks. It comes with a foam insert, and I modified it to snugly fit the OP-1 and make room for some cables etc. If you don’t have a nice case for your OP-1, check this one out!

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Nice Find! Thanks for sharing!

Great-looking case! For us Europeans: It’s on also, for 20e.

I bought a 300 Chip Poker Set and place the OP-1 in the paper foam box and then the whole thing into the aluminum case. It’s was just some random one from Walmart. There is a extra room to put a cloth for more padded snug fit and/or to store extra cables and some other stuff. I just make sure the OP-1 is at the bottom of the aluminum case (when I hold ny handle) so it can only move to the left and right. And not fall downwards. It’s also great for a dust cover as you can place it flat and just open the lid, play the OP-1 and then close the lid when you are done. I wouldn’t transport it unless it was in the paper foam box though as it’s not that well padded.