Best drunk hardware, best sober hardware

What is your favorite hardware to use drunk vs favorite hardware to use sober, and why?

Drunk: MPC Live II
Why: fun bouncy pads, chord and scale mode means I can take the thinking part out of the equation. I can shop for samples and poof there they are ready to hang out. Multiple ways to achieve the same things means drunk me can improvise with ease.

Sober: Digitakt
Why: the whole experience can encourage a sort to of flow state. Lack the of undo and the who trig lock workflow rewards focus. Drunk me wants nothing to do with that. Sober me gets to meditate on how limitations breed creativity, etc.

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Best drunk hardware: a guitar. Or Strega.
Best sober: Syntakt

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Drunk - PO400 or Voice

Best sober - OP-1 / Computer DAW

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Drunk: Garageband on iOS or a Kalimba

Sober: OP-1, or Ardour on Mac

Drunk: TD-27 because drunk drumming is fun lol

Sober: ??? Idk, I guess the OP-1 because Iā€™m still learning it?